50 Cent Son Joins Floyd Mayweather The Money Team

50 Cent son joins The Money Team.

50 Cent son Marquise Jackson is now friends with the rapper’s biggest enemy Floyd Mayweather.

You can recall the countless times 50 Cent post videos of himself bashing Floyd Mayweather, the most recent one about the boxing champ being unable to read.

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50 Cent has also been having some issues with his son. Marquise Jackson even vented on his Facebook page about his father missing his high school graduation.

Marquise posted the above photo on his Facebook page this week of himself partying with Floyd “Money” Mayweather.



  1. im sure hell learn good family vale and get many stds

  2. Ungrateful little bastard, cut his allowance, that’ll teach him to respect pops

  3. HA! I guess his son will REALLY remind him of chief keef now ! Poor curtis..

  4. This was a bad idea