Vybz Kartel – My Rainbow Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I wanna f–k you everyday
I don’t want no body come knocking when we get to play
I see that look in a yo face
I know that you going through somethings
I’ll be there when you need a way

My rainbow, you got to be my rise and shine
Don’t let me go
Gyal yo pu–y extra tight

A me alone f–k you meck yo bwal out and say
You, gyal you a go come yah now

Yo pu–y tight, tight
Yo beg mi please fi meck yo satisfied
Tight, tight, gyal a me fi f–k yuh every night
Yo beg mi please fi meck yo satisfied
Gyal a me fi f–k yuh every night

(Verse 2)
We gonna do it all again
Love the way yo move up yo spine
Don’t nobody can dweet the same
Yo put the picture to the frame
Don’t you know

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Girl mi no play
Come in a mi bed meck mi show yuh a thing
Run weh the prince
Yuh fi roll wid the king
So many shreps, and so many thing
Search wid google, don’t gimmi bing
Anywhere mi turn up you only mi bring
Bring some girls for Chris Rock now
Hard rock sound meck girls come round

(Repeat Chorus)