Chan Dizzy – Chat All Yuh Want Lyrics

Chat mi no easy fi dis, chat all yuh want to
Gwaan lip till mi take yo 3 point from yuh
Mi dogs dem no play so know wah yuh a do
And wi no born fi course no trace no argue
Chat wah yuh waan chat anything yuh waan do
Mi pretty browning wi sing like Derica Baddo
Mi dogs dem no play so know wah yuh a do
Caw wi no born fi curse no trace no argue

(Verse 1)
Some bwoy a chat a bag a things wah dem no know bout
Man watch yo speech caw dem creature yah wi role out
Cyaa dis none a dem man yah from the 4 4 gang
Caw man no crabit hole fi knock it in a Portmore land
Max mi seh no bwoy cyaa dis mi at all
And Vado go so rhh an yuh laydown a ward 1
Caution mi no carbon bad up who yo mad man
Mi thugs a seh dis from Mobay no park land

(Repeat Chorus)

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