Deablo – Long Clip Lyrics

Cut wi cut off bwoy head in a the place
Weh mi born and grow
When Home Sted, march Pen, Toys Pen
Man a tell yo bout corn
A nuh corn pon toe
Banana clip fi the bloodclaat mini K
Look like a bomb boat torn and bow
Miami back to Orlando
Brooklyn tell yo how yard man flow

(Verse 1)
4 5 crush back clip hang down
Mini 14 ship in from Belgium
Gun mi nuh borrow, shot mi nuh tek none
Skin off a face when the mack 10 burn
Meck mi tell yo bout Eltam, Ensum
From yo violate 9 night red rum
Markas Lane, Bobby Lane, spread yo out pon the main
Swetgram, Grands pen weh it come

Run out wid the 45 wid the long clip
44 spread dem out like blanket
HK wid the bloodclaat bomber bwoy
A nuh supn fi yo ramp wid Brukweh
50 caliber the eagle
Buss out yo head out a skull marrow back flick
From yo si mi yo si Home Sted
Yuh si Jons Road, yuh si Della, yuh si Brunswick

(Verse 2)
Caw man a steppa, man a queffa, duppy mecka
Like oxx tail bwoy endz under pressure
Skin a get tappa, deaver wid berita
Big tree warm up the place like sweater
Mi nuh send bwoy fi lay down pon stretcher
Head a open like letter, food fi the alligator
Clip dem a double row, double decker
So mi nah run out a shot when yo si mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)