Rihanna: CBS Canceled NFL Performance Due To Ray Rice Scandal

CBS has canceled Rihanna’s opening performance on Thursday night following the Ray Rice scandal.

Rihanna was scheduled to perform “Run This Town” at the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens game on Thursday night.

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The NFL is now under fire following the release of a graphic video showing Baltimore Ravens play Ray Rice assaulting his wife, who was his then fiance Janay Rice. In the blurry video, Rice can be seen knocking his wife unconscious in a elevator.

The organization initially suspended Rice for two games but then bumped that suspension to indefinitely following the release of the video by TMZ.

Perhaps the network felt that Rihanna’s past involvement in a domestic violence incident with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown would be a PR nightmare.

According to TMZ, CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus says they made the changes to portray a more journalistic approach.

Sounds like BS.

“We thought journalistically and from a tone standpoint, we needed to have the appropriate tone coverage,” McManus said.