Chan Dizzy – Mi Nuh Care Lyrics

Top gyallis man a top gyallis
No frighten fi pu–y cause mi get lots of it
From city to city, from country to country
Mi know why the gyal dem love mi

Cause mi is a bwoy mi no care
Gyal a gimme mi wi take it anytime any place
Pon bed or the floor, side or out door
From yo ready a no time mi a waste
Gyal come meck wi f right here
That yo waan mi wi give yo nuff man fear
Da thing deh mi lips naw go touch I swear
From yo have white liver mi a yo worst night mare
Lord gyal meck wi go out a door
Go pon the beach an f out a shore
Member seh me naw go go over board
Man a beat it up till sweat a run out a pours lord

(Verse 1)
Gyal mi ready when you ready fi tread the needle eye
Meck mi give yuh something proper meck yuh feel fi cry
Take it right yah so long as yuh feel the vibes
Girl it a go rough girl not a easy ride
From yo want it sweet yuh haffi sit down pon
Meck wi f out a door behind a the drum pan
My c–k mi meck it vale an a thick up pan
Now everyday shi a pick up Shan

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Gyal link fi the supn anytime a day
Caw mi wi deh deh right away
And fi be my woman yuh haffi bold an kinda brave
In a the crown mi no have no time a shame
Girl friend just link fi the supn meck mi give yuh the loving
Could a lock up in a the room or in a the opening
As long as you a mi queen an a mi a fi yo king
Fi dweet yah so a no no sin

(Repeat Chorus)