RDX – Riddim Say Lyrics

All girls, do wa the riddim tell yuh fi do
The bass line tell yuh fi do
The drum dem tell yuh fi do
Yo no hear? if It seh wine up yo body then a that yuh fi do
Bruk out, bruk out, then a that yuh fi do
Go paw yo head top that yuh fi do
Turn back way a back

When riddim hold yo
Draw yo out and control yo
And meck yo drink and a bruk out yuh a di best
Friend dem no know yo

Meck round deh suh roll nuh
Music possessed yo soul nuh
Girl if the riddim a drugs yo come prove it pon di dance floor nuh

(Verse 1)
The riddim seh commandment one
Meck sure the treble and the wall dem strong
How dem gyal yah drop it wi a call dem bomb
A do a bag a supn weh wi cyaa mentioned

The riddim seh commandment three
The quarter Henny back a the bar dem pree
When it buss in a dem head only stars dem see
Wi nuh join bull pen caw dem cyaa help we
Commandment 4 and 5 and 6
When the bass line come tek a slide and split
Tell the buss head gyal dem go climb pon brick
And the lazy gyal dem go find one sit
The riddim a beat biker ride pon it
Climb up like the brother deh weh climb pon zip
Tease mi baby when yo wine and dip
Dweet like a dancehall queen final this

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Verse 2)
The riddim seh
Anything it seh yuh haffi dweet
Do the puppy tail shake yo body cheek
Gyal deh a work and a wine up pon the seat
A must the devil in a the beat
Gyal a bruk out mi haffi look, mi haffi seet
Hot magnum out her pon the
A which gyal that in a the middle a the street
A move up the body neat
Commandment 8 and 9 and 10
When yo si the hot gyal dem go wine pon dem
The stush likkle browning yo like from when
When the riddim crab her shi wine and bend
Man nuh short suh go find one then
The more gyal dash out the more wi buy and spend
Tick body gyal a that first wi like pon dem
Dash the Hennessy pon the ice on dem

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)


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