Game Talks His First Encounter With Nicki Minaj Famous Ass-et

Game showed off his muscles and his waves in Nicki Minaj music video “Pills N Potions.”

According to the West Coast rapper, it was a pretty awesome experience to be cast in a Nicki Minaj video because he gets to get close to her famous ass-ets.

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“That wasn’t the first time I met Nicki, but that was the first time I was up on that a*s though,” Game told MTV News. “Oh yeah? “That a*s is soft. I just leaned up against it made my little soldier stand at attention.”

Game says the video was unexpected and he just happened to be close to the set when Nicki Minaj reached out to him.

“Nicki reached out and I just happened to be not that far from where she was shooting the video,” Game said. “So I came through and lent my muscles and my waves.”

“Pills N Potion” is the first single off Nicki Minaj upcoming album The PinkPrint, due this fall.

Nicki Minaj says so far there are no guest features on the highly anticipated album.