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Rihanna Snubbed Chris Brown At Charity Basketball Game

Rihanna and Chris Brown was in the same venue and came inches close to each other last week.

The bitter exes cross path at the Summer Classic Charity Basketball Game in New York last week Thursday.

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Rihanna was sitting courtside with her friends while Chris Brown was on the court playing.

According to NY Daily News, Rihanna arrived during the first half and Chris Brown immediately became distracted.

“Rihanna arrived during the first half,” one onlooker said. “They made a big announcement over the speaker that she came and everyone started cheering. Chris was right behind her playing on the court and he definitely looked a bit distracted by the introduction of her.”

At one point Chris Brown went over by Rihanna to play with some kids but she totally ignored him.

Rihanna also made sure she make a strong impression by putting on a barely there booty shorts showing off her toned legs.

Karrueche Tran was missing in action.


  1. Shut up fool what you write is BS you idiot. I think what your write is about your useless life. BROKE DENSE B.

  2. It’s crazy how people talk like they know rihanna and chris brown. How do you all know what they feel, what their motives are, and what they’re going through. You all don’t because if you all did, you wouldn’t be saying what you’re saying… People are constantly being persuaded by paparazzi, journalist, and TMZ, who all happen to be ordinary people who only know half the story themselves. A story they taint into what the want it to be.

  3. Rihanna aint given him nothing to work with. Why would he go right to where she sitting. Just thirsty.

  4. Oh you a rita stan? lmao

  5. This is funny and this is why I never believe the hype surrounding this Hyena. Your ignorance is detrimental to this world. Are you kidding me? Lets not be ridiculous. Rihanna is inarticulate, arrogant, self-centered, desperate, and very mean-spirited. I have never seen her sit down in a radio station studio and start singing live for the audience, I have seen recordings on YouTube of Rita Ora doing this on several occasions and her voice is ten times better than Rihanna. She has sabotaged Rita Ora from the beginning by giving the impression she came up with the blond hair, beanie wearing and bold red lipstick. I’m no a big fan of Rita’s but I’m honest, mature, and fair enough to admit the truth. Rihanna’s popularity is testament to a gullible public with very low standards. Fortunately, I’m not one of her minions like you that followers her on Twitter.

  6. Women you have know ideal of what you are talking about bacuase rihanna post this on her twitter weeks before this happen and she is a guest on the poster were is chris. Brown one I don’t see his name there so keep on hating if this what you want to believe and Rita ore copy’s rihanna not the other way round and just shut up it you don’t know the truth and you can go check on her twitter

  7. you sound hella stupid. it was a Roc Naction Charity event & if you didn’t know by now she’s signed to Roc Nation. She wasn’t there for Chris nor was he there for her. Females always tryna find a way to hate on her. Get over yourself you don’t even know her personally.

    • Kristalynn NawRocky

      You don’t know her either. You only know what you read. I see a lot of hatred, insecurity and bitterness in her, especially towards other “Black” females in the industry. I’m well aware of the fact that she’s signed to Roc Nation. I live in Ny and I don’t give two sh**s about her. She calls herself a bad girl, but when I look at her I don’t see a bad girl at all. I see someone that was bashed intensely at a weak moment in her life when CB assaulted her so now she’s has to overcompensate for being this bad girl, Oh please! One last thing, it’s kind of pathetic how she hates on other female artists that have better vocal range and way more talent than she does while she’s showing up late and cancelling shows. She needs to work on her weak vocals and finish an actual note in the right key first, before she hates on anyone as well as work on her lazy ass, drunk, drugged out performances, rather than scrolling through IG and Twitter every 3 minutes with her cryptic arthritis looking fingers. I don’t understand why anyone would look up to this mean-spirited immature girl. I would NEVER look up to anyone who’s hand looks like they wipe their ass with it.
      ~The End!

      • YOU SAY ALL OF THIS ABOUT RRF ,,,,But bad ass riri is still the baddest gal in the game ON TOP OF ALL… thats why you FN HATING LMAO

      • The truth hurts doesn’t it? Unfortunately, Rihanna A.K.A., Rita Ora wannabe continues to use her platform in a negative way to constantly belittle people. She has an incredible amount of influence over teen culture, and for her to use that influence to make fun of someone in a completely powerless position is despicable and extremely immature. Let’s be honest. Rihanna sings about 98% hate, 1% music, and 1% ass. Her singles sell, BUT her Lp’s struggled to go platinum because It’s the same sound on every track. Generic singles is all she puts out. Perhaps if she took longer to work on a project and focused more on the quality of her vocals, rather than quantity, she might get a better response? She needs to STOP with all the pu**y patting on stage. Guys have been doing that for decades and it was a turn off then, and it’s a turn off now. All she does is copy other artists. She thinks what she’s doing is original, but all she is, is a BIG cliché. Unfortunately, many of her minions are part of a disposable internet generation that is bankrupt when it comes to personal growth.

  8. Sizzling couple, even when they’re ignoring each other

  9. I mean Ri be like “Me gots Em”

  10. I would ignore too.


    • Tran is just a substitute lol

    • Rihanna ignored Chris Brown? Oh please, Riritarded is such an attention who. She showed up at the game knowing that CB was going to be there. She looks as though she’s pissed because he gave the young boys more attention than her…lol. This vile woman can’t sing live, can’t dance, and she needs to be more humble and grateful that she still has 15 minutes left, which may not have occurred if Chris Brown didn’t publicly humiliate her. Smoking weed, drinking, and hating on other female artists is all she’s going to be remember for once the REAL female singers weed her out of mainstream music. Girls like her NEVER become women, they just circle the drain and end up doing Vegas Revues in a few year’s.

    • agreed!