Twin Of Twins – A Wah A Gwaan Lyrics

A wa a gwaa, a wa a gwaan
Wa really a gwaan
I the worst Jamaica this I ever si from I born
Mi a go ask da weather man yah if wi pass through a storm
Caw mi look in a mi atlas and Jamaica gone

A wa a gwaan, a wa a gwaan
Nobody nuh have nuh voice
Sit down and a tek it suh nobody nuh have nuh choice
Nuff a dem mouth butter like the puss weh catch the mice
If yo life corruption well da song yah nah go nice

(Verse 1)
Meck mi burn the dancehall first
Every other week this thing a get worst
Mi si nuff young artist a try everything fi burst
Rather meck a sex tape before dem try find a verse
MI nah dis mi friend but God now mi hurt
Fi si Elephant in a supn like skirt
Alkaline in a blows and a tell wi seh a shirt
Dancehall a turn one big batty concert
Dem capture the adults now dem gone fi the nappy
Mi a go teach mi youth mi self and nobody cyaa stop hi
Mi haffi tek him out a school caw right now mi nuh happy
Caw dem start teach the youth dem how fi f–k batty

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 1)

(Verse 2)
Munchy just call mi pon the dearest phone
Seh if mi nuh get baby feeding dont come back home
Like shi tek man fi clown when every party shi rome
Fi the latest hairstyle shi wi tek out a loan
Mi si church disappear and mi cyaa find nuh rass
It look like the bobo dem run out a gas
Cause mi sight fanton that man pon sight
Seh him stop burn the fire a nuh that fans like
Jamaicans get weak and a that man nuh rate
To how mi si the thing it soon illegal fi stray
Mi si gay people homeless and it cause a debate
So how wi nah hear nothing bout the man weh get rape

(Repeat Chorus)