Ryme Minista – Up & Stay Up Lyrics

Dem treat wi like worm
System a find mi everywhere mi turn
If yo too concern dem seh yo too firm
Ghetto youth meck sure seh unuh learn

More education, the limit is the sky
Keep focus more meditation
We can make it fi we try
Inspiration, courage for you and I
Some bwoy never have nothing good fi tell mi
Only wish fi see mi die

Mi nah rich today and tomorrow yo si mi broke
Mi a push forward, up and stay up

So all a who a wish fi si mi ride off like a truck
Mi a push forward, up and stay up

Seh badmind jealousy, obeah cyaa work
Mi still a push forward, up and stay up

Right now a our time, nothing cyaa change
The bomboclaat clock stuck

(Verse 1)
Wi nuh haffi think, wi nuh haffi guess fi pree this
A nuh proud dem proud, dem cyaa believe this
A me this a wear the flag high and a lead this
And a we a run the place and wi nuh haffi

Dem nuh waan mi fi rich
Right now mi friend dem more jealous a mi bi—
God know the pu–y dem lean like a switch
Some bwoy red eye, red eye, and dem never burn a spliff

But remember this, member seh me grow like terrorist
So if a the bank, the safe or the chest
One mad move, mi wi tek the rest

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Friend a sell out, dem a sell out
Do dem ever waan know weh mi deh
When mi stay weh mi hang out
Police come curel out
Try fi kill out we but wi haffi get dem out

Nothing mi no do dem am just trying to keep it real
But dem would a waan fi si my head a roll pon the ground like wheel
Selassie a mi protector, mi guide and fi mi shield
Suh dem cannot do mi nothing
Mi nuh business wa the whole a dem waan feel

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)