Ryme Minista – Bredda Bredda Bredda Lyrics

Bwoy drop flat pon the ground like how patty bake
When mi hold the rifle and clap hi straight
Mi put bullet in a face then evacuate
Caw mi know dem nuh bad like me
Dem just a yap, yap
Rise the tarus, the clutch to back
Cause mi find out the f–ker dem love to chat
Suh mi send bwoy body down a dove to cot
Caw mi know dem nuh bad like me

Yow bredda, bredda, bredda, bredda
Run out wid the rifle weh longer than a ladder
Beat it wid one hand it light like feather
Mi open fire pon the pu–y dem like a umbrella

Yow bredda, bredda, bredda, bredda
Kem sehw i well high ever step up like ladder
Wi nuh fraid fi buss it in a fits
Mi nuh haffi measure wid pleasure
Bwoy buried like a bloodclaat treasure

(Verse 1)
Skinning people a mi occupation
When me roll out is like a revelation
Bwoy haffi pack up a evacuation
Run weh gone a bush capture piece a wasteland
Mi army spread out like a formation
One word fi dem shell it like a gas station
And wi nuh haffi wait pon nuh information
Because a wi a run the place like a radio station
Killas general yo know mi situation
So if mi kill a man a nuh violation
Mix 80 grabber wid the graduation
So mi left bwoy string up like a ejaculation

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dem nah kill people
Dem only talk one bag a evil
Dem never empty the mac 90 in a the eagle
Meck bwoy right off like vehicle
Dem pu–y deh a flower some a weeble
Shawn wi nuh haffi tell dem weh we do
Hey wi meck blood run like deezle
People haffi scatter like a white fowl feeding
So our badness nuh even
Big ship like Steven
Dawg nuh bomboclaat wi done know how fi reason
Shawn anytime, any season
50 caliber weh come from Sweden

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Repeat Intro)