Danity Kane Split, Dawn Richards Speaks Out

Danity Kane has split just a few months after the group reunited for a new album and a new tour.

According to reports, the group had a big blow up in the studio last week that got physical. Dawn Richards allegedly punched fellow group member Aubrey.

TMZ reported that Richards discovered that Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex were conspiring against her and making deals pertaining to the group behind her back.

In an open letter to her fans, Dawn Richards apologize for the bad publicity.

“I am sorry to everyone that this news has to come out,” Richards said. “You’re worth more. Certain choices were made that I am not proud of. However, I will not be disrespected. Once again, I am sorry to the fans as this should have been handled privately not publicly. I continued to work with both parties to try to release the album even when the original story was leaked without anyone being consulted.

“I have been unable to release my statement via Danity Kane social media because my access to all Danity Kane social media pages has been blocked by DK members. This forces me to make my statement on my personal page. This could have all been handled privately; however, certain parties chose to make this public before it could be rectified. I am not justifying my actions. I am saying this was all done before any changes or conversations could even be had.”

The group was working on their new album at the time of their split. It is not clear if that album will see the light of day.