Jah Vinci – Call On Jah Lyrics

Wi a feel the pain
Wi a face the struggle
Ghetto life nuh easy
Not only in a trouble

We call on Jah
Call on Jah
A nuh me alone
Everybody feel it
Hungry fi days the white squal dem a feel it
Mi call on Jah
Call on Jah

(Verse 1)
Wa dem know bout
No bother true yo si mi smile yo think mi life sweet
Many nights mi cry tears in a my sleep
Hungry mi try hide it
But it itch up down a my street
Jah stick it a swell
But mi know seh it a flag steep
Suh youths nuh try stray a nuh suh wi stay
Even though yo work hard and nuh si no pay
Da life yah set a way
One day Jah wi meck a way
Bless mi and mi friend dem
And mi neighbor a suh mi pray

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Sometime mi a work
Mi a wonder weh mi a work fah
Why Mama pray and yo meck shi go a church fah
But a suh the devil stay mi know seh him wo work fah
Nah stop search cause a Jah Jah mi a search fah
Jah is my light, my strength
He’s my guide, he will defend
Mi nuh know bout you
But mi know bout me
Mi life rough but a Jah, Jah, mi a pree

(Repeat Chorus)