Aidonia – Coco Powda Lyrics

Yow one time gone mi did broke like dog
Hustle hard cause time rough, time hard
Meck it in a life
When pu–y si mi dem haffi seh si the don deh
When mi touch my thought
Hustle hard fi the money now
No f–k round, no f–k round

(Verse 1)
Denz white like coco powda
Smell good gyal seh mi love yo oder
Hot gyal seh mi waan f–k yo now, now
Mi a the real G dem just a poser
Money haffi nuff nah suffer bout yah
Diamond yellow gold now a shover
Lui V store man go shop out a
Mi no police suh mi nah patrol carola
Hotter than the bread weh come out a the toaster
Bank book stock a cash never stosha
Nah stop hustle fi meck the paper
Till mi rich like a me own coco cola
Ghetto life man come up out a
And a drink champagne like a cup a soda
Money fi mi family Calif money sure
Like fair when yo jump on pon a coaster

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Member when mi did have mi one Nikies
Now mi have mi own shirt One Voice this
Gyal a si mi and a seh the don hype hee
How much million mi have fifty one times 3
Now badmind get sour than a lime tree
Suh mi a go give dem some dollar coin free
Feed every ni–er round mi
Cause if my dawgs dem hungry wi a pree a crime spree
Hustle fi the money like Tony Montana
Fi rich than puffy, and Rosey, and Carta
Rich ni–er life yeh bout deh pon harbor
Mi all white pure than coke when it harder
Champagne popping toasting and laughter
Mi tek a pic and post the damn forter
Rich mother f–king life style

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

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  1. That lyrics not accurate….