Ryme Minista – Armed and Dangerous Lyrics

Park the car yah suh a walk mi waan fi walk
When mi step up pon the pu–y dem a six pants mi a claat
Bwoy try fi run off and buck him toe
What a bomboclaat
Hey the rifle mouth cut off suh when it buss a fire sparks

Armed and deadly wi dangerous
A nuclear wi a buss
That’s why dem fraid of us
357 yea never rust
Never stick then no must
No ask if yo head a buss

Wi a terrorist nobody cyaa terror us
Wild life deadly like a cobra wid the venomous
Squeeze chigger first, wi a deliver first
Caw dem bwoy deh a pu–y and glittarous

(Verse 1)
Anyweh wi run up get burn up, mi gun up
Hi hold up, a war from sun down till sun up
Black version tun up
Buss it, finger dem num up
Mi heart get wicked and corrupt
To me war sweet like sugar, like cane, like pine
Like honey, like bomboclaat syrup
Cyaa keep no school, no church, no work
Any man mi buck up get cut up and bruk up, blood up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yea, MP5 mi walk wid
Mi nah dead suh mi prefer run wanted
Mi fire clip, after clip, after clip, after clip
Cartage after cartage
Psycho bell dem know seh mi haunted
Wi no left witness, no wounded, no hostage
Ratid, tek mi time like malaces
Wid the rifle weh longer than bomboclaat hostridge

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Weh dem a go?
None a dem cyaa go no weh
When mi seh cyaa go no weh
Mi mean cyaa go no weh
Caw mi buss mi gun pon every corner yo deh
Clip bend a banana wi seh
6 pants a jump bullet, back a bullet, back a bullet
Bwoy flatter like a mulet when mi pull it copper full it
A np bag a mouth talking the badder man do it
And the 3-5 stuck to mi hand like mi glue it

(Repeat Chorus 2X)