Ishawna – Hold Him Lyrics

Seanizzle some gyal have a man problem
Dem a chat mi no look pon dem
Dem a worry bout me man done pon dem

(Verse 1)
Mi no listen gyal talk cause mi know seh mi good
Yes me bless wid di gummy good good
Walk out pon a gyal if you gummy good good
Take a gyal man cause mi know seh mi good

Wine mi a wine an yo man a watch mi
Wine mi a wine cause mi hotter than she
Wine mi a wine cause mi have di body
Di body Di body

Di way mi move mi body meck him loose control
No matter how you try you naw leave me alone
Not just mi tight piece a lastic meck him no waan go home
A so mi hold him hold him
Control him mi hold him

(Verse 2)
Tip pon mi toe bum pon it slow
Think you know yo man yo no know wa mi know
All hours a di night him a ring off mi phone
If him a dog then a me a di bone
Hold on deh you think yo hear nothing yet
When mi go pon mi shoulder catch pon mi neck
A dem kind a wine meck yo man a take set
Meck him feel it wid every style wa him get

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Mi no care if a gyal a talk an a act up
One touch mi gi him him no want mi fi cut
A mi a get di money when him tell yo seh him broke
Like paper to bubble gum a so yo man stuck
Take take weh gyal man you fi talk bout that
Wife turn mate caw him naw come back
All di wholesale turn in a drug shop
Caw yo man know mi got it like that

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)