Cham – Sell Out Lyrics

Dem deh a road, dem a real animal
And drop a prison and a act like gyal
Tell dem wi lawless, yeh man wi lawless

So when dem si mi an a halla dem naw get no hail
Bad man a road, but dem a wifey a jail
Dem man deh a no soldier when dem deh behind rail
Him deh a prison a take out man pail

Dem si mi and a halla but dem naw get no hail
Bad man a road but dem a bow cat a jail
Him mother no have no money so him cyaa get no bail
Him deh a prison a take out man

(Verse 1)
Dem sell out, mi si how dem a pree so mi no thrust dem
Wi and dem a no, no friend
Caw dem sell out, Dem waan get mi ot but wi a first dem
Lawlless till the end
And some a dem deh a jail a sleep dead like dem conk out
A drop soap inna shower and a punk out
Dem and some weird looking inmate a bunk out
Dem things meck mi bend, bend
Dem inna every video light wid dem eye brow shape out
Weh him a do some nikki me deh so scrape out
Weh him a study how him pants dem so drape out
All kind a signal a send

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dem sell out, dem cyaa step wid lawless youth
A dem first a run, so a dem last a shoot
Dem sell out, get caught inna police pursuit
Come state evidence and police recruit
Dem sell out, and nough a dem no have ghetto root
Dem run down money so dem mind get pollute
Dem sell out, a dress like gyal and a seh it cute
That’s why when wi touch road a we get salute
Dem sell out, caw real hot skull no blow flute
So no likkle punk cyaa walk inna wi booth
Dem sell out, dem street rather big disrepute
Dem turn jail house prostitute

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)