Chino & Di Genious – So Do I Lyrics

Hey Chimney we di flyest
Yea that’s why di girl dem a call we your hinest
After tonight rude bwoy dont leave yo girl round we
Round chimney
All man from big ship

Cause yuh si anytime we happy
People say it’s so unfair
And di ladies stop an stair
Just so dem gwaan when wi have being here
And they really wanna have a good time
They just wanna have a good time
So do I
So do I

(Verse 1)
Waitress send a bottle to da be deh
Tell are take weh from da flee deh an forward over weh we deh
No she seh dem bwoy deh no have no game an no strategy
Wi start di party Friday an spin over to Saturday
Yuh can meet me in di parking lot
Chino push di C 2oo Genius in a da 3 deh
No smoke in a di club but we will be purring like a chimney
Wid big ship family yuh seet deh
Gyal dem seh wi a di flyest demon
I got a very hight esteem
Next thing dem a wonder why I so clean
Ever fresh like Irish Spring
Gyal dem a seh Bailies Irish cream
Muscato in a my system
Wi a left out a di club about 5:15
Wid bout 25 Kristen yo zeen

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yea Rosey Shordinay
Gyal dem si wi dem waan wi yea
We haffi get wid a man from ship
That a wa mi hear each an every shorty say
But when it come to girls yuh know wi naw delay
Girls dem surround wi like a harmony
Hey chimney wi no know no harder way
Hey step in a di club wi pocket full a cash oh my gosh
It’s like a bash cause everybody trash
The gyal dem clean from head to toe Vicky secret body splash
Laden relax in a vip a sip Sirocks on di rocks
Well who naw grab on paw wi shirt a run dem hand through wi lax
Dem near wi tracks dem get cold bumps like when dem catch chicken pox
Some man itch up in a corner a watch dem gyal wid benox
But wi meck dem gyal Jim squelchy Equinox

(Repeat Chorus)