Nyanda ft Assassin – Footprints Lyrics

Am gonna leave, my foot prints in the sands of time
No one is gonna stop me, what is mine, is mine
No wind can blow it out, I keep on souring through di clouds
Am too busy building castles in di sky

(Verse 1)
Wi meck wi mark inna history like carpin
Wi no carbon, no mark pon carpet
Wi do wi thing smartly, so when dem a part wi
Put in di work and retire by 40

Cream a di crop like blue mountain coffee
Never sloppy so none a dem cyaa stop wi
Our progress a meck dem unhappy
A must glutton bullet killing dem softly

Wi do wi thing and wi chad wi own path
Follow wi own mind and wi own heart
So at di end a di day wi know that
Wi a go meck wi own mark

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
So when dem a look fi mi
Tell dem mi no deh yah
Am too busy making treader
Im heading high to di sky and im climbing up di ladder
And everyday am getting higher and higher

So careful a who laugh inna yo face
Pat yo pon yo back a search fi di right place
Fi push di knife then yo life get erase
Mi surviving through God grace

Am not gonna stay out in di crowd
Am not gonna drift out with di tides
Am not gonna sell my self for less than am worth
I’ll hold on to my pride
Wish my enemies di same and keep my eyes on di prize
Am dancing in this lions den with Jobe by my side

(Repeat Chorus)

So watch me as I rise
No fear in my eyes
Days I haven’t slept
Blood and tears, and sweat
Please don’t fear me now
Got a long way to go
So we go, so we go, so we go
Two hands inna di air if yuh know

(Repeat Chorus)