R. Kelly Breaks Silence On His Daughter Becoming Transgender

R. Kelly has finally break his silence on recent reports that his teenage daughter becoming a transgender boy.

The news has been making the rounds since last month after 14-year-old Jaya posted some photos on Instagram and also changes his name to just Jay.

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During a sit down with Chicago’s WGCI at Summer Jam 2014, R. Kelly was asked to address the situation.

Host Nina Chantele asked Kelly, much to his disliking, what he thinks about his daughter becoming his son.

“You don’t wanna really open it up with saying my daughter’s becoming my son,” Kelly said. “You know what I’m saying? … Always believe what you see, with your own eyes, that is. Always believe what you see. That’s the best way to go about this business. I’ve heard a lot of things about a lot of people, and it was never true.”

“You save money so your kids can go to college,” R. Kelly continues. “No matter what they are or who they are, they’re still your kids, you love them, you know? You’ve got to support them. You want to support them. … At the end of the day it’s not about me no more. It’s about three lovely, lovely kids that I am in love with and that’s in love with me.”

R. Kelly son jay

According to reports, Jay says he wants to do a sex change and fully become a boy.



  1. There’s no changing of sex you were born a female guess what you’re a female.

    • Yeah…I know what you mean! Not!

      There’s Chaz Bono who was born a girl, who now looks more like George Zimmerman’s twin brother. Are you telling me that you would smash him because he was born a girl?!

      • jackie stephenson


      • Ok Mr I got no intelligence looks have nothing to do with what I said who cares how you try to change yourself whatever you were born as a male or female that who you will forever be point blank deal with it.

      • Naaaaw, man! Chaz Bono may have been born a girl, but he’s got all the plumbing of a man. So, you’re completely wrong in that regard! So, no! I won’t be dealing with it in this lifetime.

      • Hi Ziggy, did you go to the rally in JA on Sunday…LOL

      • That’s where me and them part ways! As much as I respect their right to be who they want to be, I don’t have anything similar in terms of a parade where I can celebrate my heterosexuality. Plus, why would I fly all the way to JA to watch a parade that’s a 30min drive from my home?

      • No, I mean the church rally that had 25,000 Jamaicans protesting against reapealing the buggery law…they don’t want rights for Gays they want them to leave Jamaica. But they forget about their problems like crime, corruption, and poverty…

      • That’s too sad to comment on. Then again, the church has never allowed people to progress and move out of the dark ages. This is just another prime example of how religion keeps people ignorant and trapped in a cycle of Biblical nonsense.

        The ones protesting have an argument that God made the laws for man to follow based on passages from Leviticus. One day I would really like to see these church folks follow each and every law in the Bible to the letter.

        -Any person who curseth his mother or father, must be killed.

        -If a man cheats on his wife, or vise versa, both the man and the woman must die.

        -If a man has sex with a woman on her period, they are both to be “cut off from their people”

        -People who have flat noses, or is blind or lame, cannot go to an altar of God

        -Anyone who curses or blasphemes God, should be stoned to death by the community.

        …and in Deuteronomy

        -Anyone who dreams or prophesizes anything that is against God, or anyone who tries to turn you from God, is to be put to death.

        -If you find out a city worships a different god, destroy the city and kill all of it’s inhabitants… even the animals.

        -Kill anyone with a different religion.

      • Yes, but the new thing is Jamaicans allow gays to live their lives. It’s the gays that’s terrorizing Jamaica…I say baloney. I want to know since when…

      • I feel that they want the laws to stay as they are so anyone can continue to freely assault, and or kill gays. For the life of me, I don’t understand what you, me, or them want to do in the privacy of our own bedrooms has got to do with any of them?! Why are these people so concerned with homosexuality when it’s mainly heterosexuals who rape women and children?

        I’m sticking with my original assessment of these people…if they claim they get their laws from the Bible regarding homosexuality, then they have to follow all the laws of the Bible, and not just the ones they feel comfortable with.

      • Well said ziggy…

      • Too bad we can’t go back to the days when blacks had no rights. *sighs* Or maybe live in the middle east where women have no rights, as long as it doesn’t directly affect me I don’t give a shyt right?! FN hypocrites.

      • Damn right, FN WAY…

      • They don’t see that it’s the same thing. roflmao I mean it’s not funny but damn are these people that delusional?!

      • Because they are A–holes.

      • Girl I swung by the J.O. tons of dead crabs in a bucket. One dude said they should bring them to TX so he can handle them. I said “You mean the same TX where they drag blacks?!” What a freaking idiot and tons of people agreed with him.

      • Yea, I told u, I been checking that out lately. It’s real bad.

      • So they have no problem with the poverty, crime, sexualization just as long as they aren’t any homosexuals running around?! It’s one thing to tell someone that you don’t believe that the sky is blue it’s is another thing to grab them by the neck and force them to see that the sky is blue.

      • That’s what they want, and they are getting because it seems the gays in JA are demanding their rights now. And you are right what they should be concerned about they aren’t like, murder, armed robberies, rape, incest, corruption, poverty, homelessness, education, unemployment. And putting a stop to the violent and x rated lyrics some of these JA artists put out for the children to hear.

      • I’m starting to wonder about the demographics of the people that frequent this site. These people need to wake up from their coma. I gon swing by the J.O. I may need a new alias.

      • I read where some dude in women clothes went dancing and I guess he was dancing with a bunch of straight dudes who thought he was a girl, ran into some girl he knew from church that outed him, next thing he’s being attacked by a mob, shot, beaten, and ran over by a car. Damn I was like poor him. I kinda felt like he should have known better though but still.Not to mention his family didn’t want to claim him. Are you kidding me dude done dead and you still worrying about what people have to say?!

      • My my, and they are saying now that it’s a lie JA ain’t homophobic. I think it’s because the world eyes are on them.

      • In her documentary Taboo…Yardies, Selena Blake presents footage compiled over the course of six years, including interviews with those on both sides of the LGBT rights debate, to investigate what TIME magazine has suggested is “the most homophobic place on earth.” The evidence is abundant from last year’s gruesome murder of gender non-conforming teen, Dwayne Jones to the popular homophobic dancehall lyrics of stars like Buju Banton, Elephant Man and Bounty Killer. REF:HUFFINGTON POST

      • I’m planning on checking it out since I love documentaries.

      • Yes, I can just imagine. I know homophobia is ALIVE in JA, no matter what some want to say. Now it’s we leave them alone let them live their life. And that gays are now the thugs. I say BS. That’s because somehow the world wasn’t watching, but now they are. And it will cost them dearly so now they want the world to see something different. But it nay go work haters…

      • And this coming from a straight as a arrow JCAN woman. I believe in justice for all. If God is gonna judge them, then leave them to God. Don’t take up judgement for God…I am not religious, I am spiritual.

      • I’m dying to see this film. I just saw the trailer. I will let you know if I find it.;)

      • They think that gays are forcing their lifestyle down their throat.Here’s the thing I’m black (Caribbean) I live in the south. Now when I walk down the street by me being black some red neck may think that I’m forcing it down his throat. Then again I can’t hide being black right?! Only difference is he probably won’t mind because I’m a woman and attractive. :)

      • I’m waiting for an unidentified life-form to come along and destroy this planet but then again leave it up to the human race and we’ll soon be doom. Fighting over land that isn’t theirs. Fighting over the wrong things.Too much greed. Me me me .

      • For real girl.

      • Is it hard for Jcans to leave their country?(island)

      • Yes, it’s much harder than before. Going to the UK used to be easy for JCANS but they messed it up.

      • How did it get messed up?What about another island?(British territory) A lot of my Jamaican friends in the U.S. were all married. I have no clue as to why but I know usually in the islands it’s more likely to have a common law marriage than to be actually married.Can’t they travel to and or live in America, Canada etc? Is it like being Haitian, Cuban etc? I can’t imagine not being able to leave my country(island). I really feel it for them. :(

      • If you want to visit UK US or Canada from JA, you have to show you have ties to the island. I mean in the form of a good job, money, property, or business. Poor JCANS have to have a sponsor. And the top one would be wife, husband, mother and father. How it got messed up in the UK is the bad sh they go there and do. And made it harder for other JCANS.

      • I don’t know about other islands, but I imagine it’s probably easier. Because they are all Caribbean. I been here a very long time, my mom brought me here a teen. They have people who get multi years visa, but I don’t know how they got it.

      • Well JCANS went to the UK and because of the crimes some committed made it much harder than before for others. Don’t know about other islands. But I imagine it should be easier because it’s the Carib. Well from what I remember growing up there were both married and common law in JA. JCANS traveling to US UK Canada, it’s easier for those with good jobs, businesses, properties, good bank accounts. They have to show that they have ties to JA and won’t stay in the country they visit. Poor JCANS have to have sponsors top ones are, husband, wife, mother, father.

      • Damn ah so hard it is?! :(

      • Yea, it is what is…

      • jackie stephenson

        did u go

      • No, did you. I would be supporting the gays.

      • In Toronto they had a world thing but I was working

      • The one in JA was a rally keeping the buggery law, that 25,000 JCANS attended. The churches organized it…

      • There was a NY Pride one that over one million people attended.


    • Please keep your religion out of this. The kid is only 14. Would you really do that to a child?

      • Why does religion have to be a factor when recognizing that homosexuality, trans, whatever is unnatural. Child or no child, it’s futile.

      • That depends on your what your view of natural is. In Saudi Arabia it is unnatural for a woman to drive, and she is subject to arrest if caught. Wearing a weave is unnatural, but that’s not stopping millions of women from doing so. Come to think of it…giving another animal’s milk (cows) to our infants is unnatural as well, but millions, possibly billions of people do.
        My point is our cultural mores are defined by our respective communities. Those communities which are ruled by religious text have at times caused more harm than good.
        I believe it to be unnatural for a human being to lose their life because of their sexual orientation. No one else in this world is calling for the death of homosexuals, lesbian, and the transgenders other than the religious fanatics. I also believe if the Abrahamic religions didn’t exist, you wouldn’t think Jay’s decision to become a man would be so futile.

  3. they need to stop pushin all that gay shyt on tv too .Atleast allow these kids to figure out at an older age .They have these dutty shows on tv at 3 in the afternoon knowning damn well yutes will be home watching tv dem nuh need to see that shyt .

    • I dunno about that. I think most parents are like my own. They pretty much controlled what I was allowed to watch at that age. There’s much more dangerous programming to be found on the internet. Do you honestly believe parents don’t monitor their child’s surfing habits? Stop blaming the media, they don’t control what kids watch, parents control what kids watch.

      • wat r u talking the media also plays a role too . Media puts out info subliminally .

      • I’m talking about not being able to watch programs like: The Simpsons, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Baywatch, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Beavis and Butt-Head, The X-Files, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. At one time or another they were all banned in my house.

        Sublimiinals?! That’s something I work to my advantage when I’m around females. i.e. ‘That’s below me.”

  4. you cant dress up and think your going to be boy a overnight . damn shame be happy how god put you on this earth as .

  5. Am not with the gay thing but if anybody wants that life it`s on them but why change your gender that is what i don`t understand.

    • I think it’s a lot more complicated than you think. I don’t think she’s just comfortable with raiding her brother’s closet. She doesn’t want to deal with female issues like having breast and a menstrual cycle etc. Some lesbians are fine with just being butch.(tomboy) I’m almost sure when her transition is complete. She’ll identify as a male heterosexual.
      The reason I know this is because I have gay and lesbian friends although I’m straight. Some of my gay friends were ‘flaming’ (feminine) but they didn’t dress like me. She simply wants to live her life as a male.

      In case you didn’t know ,gay and lesbians use their respective restrooms. So even if he’s gay and flaming he’s going to use the ‘men’s’ restroom and vice versa. Someone who’s is transgender if she’s transitioning from female to male when the process is completed she’ll use the ‘men’s’ restroom and vice versa. Now she doesn’t want to use the ‘women’s’ restroom because she doesn’t identify as such. I hope I didn’t make you guys even more paranoid. lol Am I making sense?

      Transgender – denoting or relating to a person whose self-identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender.

      Homosexual- a person sexually attracted to people of one’s own sex.

      • All these things just fuel their sexual drive, simply put. You can change your sex and modify your body, but deep down your true identity will lie and you will be recognized as such from the creator.

      • Damn boy you still alive? lol So why didn’t the creator make them to be the person or persons that they wanted to be in the first place? I don’t remember having any say on being black. lol I don’t think it has anything to do with sex drive. :)

        Ex: You have a person who isn’t that attractive. They didn’t have any say so they decide to undergo plastic surgery. I think it’s kind of the same thing it’s still body modification. You get me?
        “I’m not fulfill within myself with having size b breast. I want d’s.”
        I then turn to plastic surgery it’s the same thing. Only difference is she’s going to need a lot more surgery, medication,etc. Her transformation isn’t going to be as subtle as getting breast implants etc. You get me?

        Now you may think she’s being superficial, dumb, and vain but she doesn’t see it that way. She doesn’t care about what anyone who isn’t her thinks.You get me?

      • Now it can become a problem if she meets a straight chick who’s into well,_d___. I think she should let that girl know about her transformation before it goes any further and vice versa because she isn’t really a dude with the ability to get her pregnant.

      • Not everybody is motivated by sex.;)

      • Alive and well, this website just needs better articles lol and I find that hard to believe coming from you lol , but back on subject..

        It still boils down to sex maybe she is still attracted to males, but this change will allow her to feel complete in “her” eyes and to experience joys of pretending to be a man.

      • What do you find hard to believe coming from me? I don’t think she’s attracted to dudes. Maybe the thought of having sex with a man repulses her?! *shrugs shoulders* lol Besides I don’t know any straight dudes into manly chicks.

      • Everything not being about sex lol

      • Roflmao for me or for you? lol

      • You, I just call things for what they are.. if it happens to hit that subject often.. it is what it is :x

      • Roflmao let me guess you probably prefer to hear tons of sex talk coming from a guy’s perspective. Am I right? Is it still a taboo?

      • Every women I been with I doubt will ever have any better, but back on subject…

        My perspective maybe different from someone else so anything I say is just an opinion.

      • Ok back to the subject. I don’t think she’s into dudes at all.

      • How do you know though… I’m not just assuming, I pretty much read up on all subjects I touch on about humanity and how we behave. This girl will always be a girl at heart, even though she may deny liking men in public.. she wouldn’t mind to experience that side of her again. These sex changes are fuel by desires.

      • Here’s the thing we don’t know. Who knows maybe when her transformation is complete she’ll have some kind of epiphany and have the procedure reversed. I don’t know of any butch lesbian (manly) who has penis on the brain .lol Now this girl wants to go further than that. Isn’t she like 14 why is she having sex anyways?

      • Lol 14 is when they start, she already wanting a change.. how did she get into this lifestyle. Can’t pretend someone young is oblivious to all things taboo.

        I have heard of a butch lesbian wanting to screw one of my co-workers, nothing phases anymore lol, nyc is complete filth when it comes to all things bizarre.

      • I don’t find it that bizarre lol. We aren’t talking about bestiality. What do you mean she said she knew from the time she was 6. I think the butch who wanted to screw your coworker was just playing around. roflamo Screw him how? roflmao

      • I don’t even want to dabble into that :X, but for short.. him screw her(rephrased). This goes to show, all this is fueled by sex. They want different experience or fantasies fulfilled.

        She I would say knew from 11-13.. The age of 6 is ridiculous, she couldn’t even comprehend how babies are born(in full detail).

      • roflmao I know because I know these dudes are going to start bytching if you go into any I don’t get why a straight dude would even want to do that. lol I imagine he just want to be able to say I did this. I gon tell you again just because she happens to be a chick doesn’t mean that she wants d__. roflmao

      • Nothing surprises me now a days especially here, I’ve heard crazier stories. It just keeps me grounded like all this **ckery will be their down fall. They will continue to push the boundaries hence why we are superior life form on this planet, not to be far out.. it just shows that all our morals will go out the window as the animal nature takes over and our desires are filled.

      • It’s safe to assume that you find them to be very promiscuous etc. What about the dude that’s efin everything in sight? Is he any better?

      • Males are more aggressive in nature so they will desire the most. What about the females giving it up after a ride in a rental.. just saying.

      • So you don’t think it’s the same thing as these boundary pushing gays etc?

      • It spawned their lifestyle which is catered around it. If they weren’t so thirsty to try new things, they would be happy with the opposite sex.

      • What you don’t get is that they don’t like the opposite sex. Not all gays, lesbian, etc are victims of abuse cause by the opposite sex. Some people aren’t attracted to the opposite sex. I had this very butch friend. She was more manly than man. lol She dated dudes in her youth but came to realize that she like chicks. I asked her if she would ever consider dating a
        Guess what she said “No effin way”! roflamo

        I would like to meet the dude that would want to take one for the team and try to convert her. roflmao

      • See what you said, she dated dudes meaning she wanted more of a fulfillment, its fueled by something like I said lol

      • In her youth she’s pushing 50. I see what you’re trying to say not all dudes have what it takes. roflmao I’m pretty sure some dudes can’t even tell when we’re faking it. roflmao Or when we come up with an excuse to avoid doing it again. roflmao

      • Lol that’s what sets me apart I suppose… ;)

      • So wha you gon take one for the team and convert some butch? lol I think you’d be better off using that energy on something else like fencing. :)

      • Hell na, but I would feel like a waste of life if any girls I been with switched up. Like those dudes who girls turn on them, must feel some type of way, let down idk lol

      • I don’t get it you are in an extremely gay friendly city and you seem to still have a problem with gays,lesbians, etc.

      • Na I don’t have problem with them, it’s just radicals who try to push the agenda. Last time my brother and cousins went to see a play and they have to make out infront of the kids, seriously certain things still is taboo and isn’t a social norm.

      • When I date guys I don’t want to kiss them in public.I don’t need to profess my love for you by kissing you in public. I don’t like pda’s I don’t care who’s doing it.

      • Roflmao You find them to be pushing their agenda more than the homeless guy on the train that says” I’m going to start singing even though I can’t sing and I won’t stop singing until you hand me over your hard earned cash” roflmao.

      • You pretty much naming everything that annoys me, that’s why I’m considering Cali as one of places to settle down or upstate Ny

      • Lighten up dude it isn’t that serious every place has it pros/cons. I’m pretty sure the homeless population is even greater in CA. At least NYC is a very open minded place. :) The day you leave you will come to appreciate it watch.Same sex marriage is legal in NYC.

      • Hmm if things were so good then come back here and set up shop. My gripes are small, I know others who have way more.

      • I have this thing where I won’t revisit the past. I mean, I’m cool with visiting my friends etc. I would never want to live there again. I mean I have all my memories and I enjoyed being in that whirlwind but I don’t want them to be replaced. You get me? I would never go back and date an ex bf because why did it work in the first place? What would be different this time around? You get me? Too bad I didn’t bump into you two years ago. I would’ve enjoyed pushing you into the lake.(prospect park) lol Just don’t let the city make you into another one of those self serving bumping into you without saying sorry zombies and you’ll be cool.;)

      • It’s cool to visit, but not to set up shop.. My sole purpose is to make money while I’m here. Already job hunting in those cities I mentioned. You know black people can’t swim, so that would be my demise :x …Like I said it’s impossible to not develop gripes with **ckery that take place on the daily.

      • So you lost your Caribbean ability to climb tress, wield a machete, and swim? roflmao

      • My hobby always been with music, not those things you mentioned… Oh I have a mean scar from falling from a tree fyi, so yea I guess that haunts me.

      • Where’s the scar?

      • It’s gash above my knee it’s no visible thanks to good genes I guess, but it’s one of those things you still remember even from child hood.

      • You assume and na I hate jeans…. you pretty much know you have to embrace heat while you can. That sisterly love lol

      • You sound like in order for you to do the deed. You would have to be in a committed relationship am I right?

      • What deed, where your head at lol, you probably have crazy relationships..

      • Nope lol. Here’s the thing regardless of what anyone here thinks. I don’t go out and meet dudes at the bar and then take them home for a quick roll in the hay. I don’t engage in risky sexual behavior. I’ve never had one of those one night stands where I had to do the walk of shame. I only sleep with dudes that I’m in a relationship. I’m open minded and I don’t see sex as a taboo. :)

      • I see it as something transformative. ;)

      • Certain kind of sex is taboo, may not get you the first night.. but eventually the buckle always happen. Not saying I’m a player, but I aim to win…

      • I especially live the way you always assume negative things about me.

      • You have some positives sides, it’s just that you need a guy to challenge you … u probably dealt with a lot of yes-men.

        And I do remember your spiritual side which needs work, throw them cards away lol

      • I think you may be a bit too controlling than I would like and not very open-minded. I think this ship is already doomed from the start. roflmao

      • I’m actually care-free I’m just opinionated and question things. People say it’s a virgo trait, not that I care for astrology much. Def not a yes-man

      • Stop playing hearts

      • You really think you in any position to up-vote Ass Jay comment regarding my supposed intellectual disability? Come on now I know you have an IPhone and I know it comes with a spell check. You’ve never even written anything of actual ‘substance’ and you misspell basic words. I’m not even going to play you but you are not in any position to throw judgments around. I’ll let it slide only because I’m nice but open your mouth again and let’s see what will happen.:)

      • Gal i see yu run bak tu yu man rofl yu missing online luving yu waz getting

      • Little boy! Can’t you see two grown people are talking?
        Sit your A S S down and don’t make another sound, or you will surely reap it!

      • I am not the wun tu entertain yur little gamez . See meh person

      • So take off your clown shoes, the big red nose, and your orange wig and sit the f#ck down, then!

      • Kerp portarying sum hard person for dese females onhere . Bak wha yu saying in dese streets #gullyside #unrulygang

      • You’re joking, right? Dude, if you wish to toe-to-toe with me, at the very least you must master the fundamentals of writing. I don’t expect you to produce Pulitzer Prize winning work, but c’mon…WTF does “Kerp portarying” even f#ckin’ mean?!?

  6. I wonder…which is worst for these alpha males -a son, or daughter coming out as gay, or a son, or a daughter undergoing gender reassignment surgery!? I hope R.Kelly keeps his promise to support 14 year old Jaya/Jay all through her/his journey. A tough road lies ahead for all involved. Best of luck to R. Kelly and his family.

    • jackie stephenson


      • You’re such a cynic, jackie! Jay will be alright as long as she has the support of her family…having a millionaire for a dad is a big help too!

      • jackie stephenson

        what i didnt say nun and michael jordans daughter loves girls well r kelly was under fire before for rape

      • Do you think R. Kelly’s rape allegations might have played a factor in the choice his daughter son has made?

      • jackie stephenson

        I highly doubt it cause people have a mind of their own those allegations are old maybe that kid wasnt even born yet or if she was then she would have been a baby

      • That’s the problem with putting yourself out there in the public eye. Chit your parents were doing from before you were born is easily accessible by way of an internet search engine. To a child, it may not matter that they were only allegations.

      • jackie stephenson

        what do u make of that story coming out of detroit the one with the 12 yr old boy found in his fathers basement

      • I’m just glad he was found alive. It seems like the stepmother was hiding him from the uber-violent father. I know there’s much more to that story, I doubt if we’ll ever know the whole truth.

        When I read stories like that, I always think…”when I have kids, I’m going to spoil them bad.” Yup! My kids will be spoiled just like Natsha, and Malia.

      • nonsense

      • Hey Jay Kay I’m 5’9.5 why don’t you use the length of my legs and shove them up your cocahole. You dumb scunt! The government ain’t stopping anyone from having as many plastic surgery as they need, want, whatever. Plus if you crash your car and die because you too cool to wear a seat belt then good for you. :) kiss the ef off!

      • you are either uneducated , naturally stupid , or both. What you said does not address my point. Dont u know that its mandatory to wear your seat belt in certain states? If its my body and I can do whatever I want with it, then why can’t I choose not to wear a seat belt. Similarly, if its my body, why should I be allowed to become a woman, but not allowed to make a choice as to whether I want to wear a seat belt or not. Are u smart enough to follow the logic? I hope u are cos u sound like an idiot. Not because you want me to shove your leg down my ass ( childish) but because you couldn’t follow the type of logic that most grade schoolers can. I am cool if you disagree, but I would at least need some type of intellectual response, not the vocational school nonsense u just wrote to me. Are u a drug addict?

      • You’re very delusional. If you really wanted an adult response. You would’ve came to me as such but now you want to call me a child for giving you the same treatment you gave me. Does that make any sense?!

      • I don’t get your point it has been proven that seat belts save lives. Would you put your child in a car seat without attaching the seat belt?How do you equate the two? Isn’t she using her own $? You’re making it sound like she’s expecting the taxpayers to foot the bill.

      • If you have a problem with the laws in your state why don’t you move? I think that’s probably the most sensible thing to do. Are you aware that this is a Caribbean site?

      • Are u aware that R-kelly’s children live in America. Get lost. You are not making sense. I laid it out clearly to u. Seat belt save children’s lives but what does that have to do with my argument. Let me try one more time. Maybe this time you will get it.
        1. R kelly’s daughter at 14 wants to become a man( allegedly)
        2. I think people should not be allowed to have sex changes
        3. While 2 sounds unfair, I asked the question why the local government would mandate citizens to wear a seat belt of be fined.
        4. Considering that my body belongs to me, it should not matter whether or not I wear a seat belt because I am the only one in danger here and I pay for my medical insurance and therefore have the right to go to the doctor if I get into an accident
        5.Not I am not talking about my children. That is a different issue.
        6. So if I can’t decide whether or not I should wear a seat belt, why then should I be free to decide to become a woman. Neither sex changes nor driving without a seat belt affect anyone but the person involved.
        I am simply saying that I am against sex changes just like the government is against driving without a seat belt. Not because I am religious, but because I believe that we should not live in a freako society where no one knows if this person they are meeting was born a man or a woman. Unless the government requires the transsexual to announce , by law , to any one they deal with on an intimate basis about their sex change, I feel that it is not fair to the general public. As we speak, if I met a woman who used to be a man, she under no obligation to reveal this to me. This is why I disagree with sex changes. Also, I believe that we must have limits as a civilization on what we do with science. While u may disagree, I hope you can at least follow my argument and come up with something apart from the fact that u are 5’9, an utterly asinine thing to say.If u still don’t get it, please just forget it because I am allergic to stupidity. you don’t have to agree, but at least follow the logic in the argument and counter it with something pertinent instead of ” seatbelts save children” Jesus! Ok so what if i said operations kill people. Would that be good enough? IDIOT!

      • *yawns*
        I’m Caribbean as this is mainly a Caribbean if anybody that should get lost it seems like you would be the obvious choice. :)I think my passiveness annoys you plenty. Here’s the thing ,I don’t give a damn about your female emotions. Here you’re again behaving like a petulant child in need of a savage spanking. You’re obviously too emotionally involve with something that doesn’t even concerns you. Why don’t you take a step back let’s get your breathing regulated. I especially enjoy how you constantly reference my 5’9.5 not 5’9 post at least get the .5 right. I guess you forgot that you originally came to me with guns a blazin.

        I know it must really pain you to see these homosexuals enforce their rights to become whatever and whomever they want to be. Now if you have a problem with telling a real vagina from an artificial one then I don’t know what to even tell you. Has the paranoia set in yet? Let me guess, the next woman you take home will have to submit to a full body scan,cavity search, background check ,the works right? and you still wouldn’t know. roflmao

        When you go under the knife for any kind of surgery you run the risk of complications and even death it’s the nature of the beast.:)

        At the end of day I don’t give faq what you think!
        This chit is happening whether you like it or not. :)
        By the way, I decided to follow through with that abortion I told you about yesterday.;)

      • Who the hell are you to dictate how far science goes?!

      • Wow, “WHEW” go girl.LOL

      • Double Wow! That was a thing of beauty!

      • Selina, it looks like you have no sense and can’t be saved. Ae u a transgender or something? Gay people’s rights? Nonsense. What does this have to do with that. there is no problem if someone wants to be gay. There is a problem if we want to start having sex changes. If u are born intersex, yes, i understand that u can have an operation. This is extremely rare. What is note rare is sick minded idiots like u who go and have sex changes just because they ” feel” like a man or woman. Its a psychological issue, not a physical one. U are a big idiot for comparing intersex related operations to a 14 year old girl who wants to become a boy just because of the way they feel. Of course they are free to decide what to do with their body. I was simply pointing out the hypocrisy about the government mandating something like seat belts, and simultaneously allowing sex change, not based on some type of ” intersex” status, but rather sheer wish. I wish to be a woman. I want to be a man. That is not enough. These people are not even thoroughly psychologically evaluated. I am tired. U are a true idiot. My argument is clear as day. Yours seems to be some type of emotional response to something i said that offended u. I am in no way crazy to think that people would agree with my position. But i expect a response that makes sense. For example, one of your friends claims that the reason for seatbelts being mandatory is because the person who gets thrown out of the car can become a dangerous projectile. Now while I this its a ridiculous claim, as that almost never happens, I respect what this person said because they saw my argument and tried to invalidate it by offering a counter argument. Indeed if there is a huge problem of human projectiles in car accidents, my argument would be trash. So ur friend did a good job following the logic. You are just a dim wit. You have no sense. You think u do, but u dont.

      • You know each time you come back you add a new perspective to your original argument. I’m not the least bit interested in continuing this debate with you. Let’s agree to disagree, we are at an impasse. You seem way too emotionally involved than I care to deal with not to mention condescending . If you really want to know all you have to do is give me your address.:) Please be prepared for tons of cuddling and 9 months and 18 years of even more cuddling.I’m not an gay rights activist. I just believe in equal rights.The reason I mentioned ‘intersex’ is because it falls under gender dysphoria.

        You know artist usually, gravitate towards other artist.Musicians gravitate towards other Musicians. Now, here you are supposedly’ intelligent’ and you are gravitating towards someone who you deem to be an idiot. Would there be anything tangible to gain from having an emotionally fueled debate with someone suffering from borderline mental retardation?!

        I have already been saved! I just won’t be a part of your personal hell.

        Fin :)

      • You don’t give two shyts that these people are properly diagnosed and or treated. Who do you think you’re fooling?!

        *Don’t try to act like you are looking out for’ their ‘best interest when your are acting solely in’ your’ best interest. You already labeled them as ‘freaks’ not to mention, you clearly stated that you what to know that the woman you take home from the ball is truly a woman( natural ability to procreate) and not some dude with an identity crisis who plans on fooling you knowing full well that you are a heterosexual male.

        Let’s be 100% real that is all you care about.(my * statement) roflmao

        I’m fin??;)
        Keep living in your bubble.

        Just like when there’s a mentally unstable person. You pass them on the street while exuding a sense superiority. The only time you and the rest of the world care is when they start mixing in with the general population and start committing murder.

      • selena-is-retarded

        U level of stupidity and lack of reasoning skills has left me speechless. Just go on to the next post. U are not worth my time.

      • clearly i was worth it because you decided to waste a single cell on me which was all you had in the first place.;)

      • nonsense

      • so now you Caribbean? get the hell outta here roflmao I need to know which island I need to avoid. Last time I check Mars wasn’t an island. ;)

      • LOL! What a ridiculous comparison to make! You not wearing a seat belt as you rear-end a Porsche Boxster turns your body into a deadly projectile as you exit your car through your front windshield killing the driver you just hit.

        Logic dictates the seat belts not only saves your life, but the lives of those around you as well. You undergoing a sex change operation puts no one at risk but yourself. Can you follow this logic…logic that even a 3rd grader wouldn’t have a problem with?

        BTW…once you have to resort to ad hominem attacks, you’ve already lost the argument.

      • nonsense. You not wearing a seatbelt makes u a dangerous projectile. ARe u crazy. How many accidents do u know of when someone was hurt by the person thrown out through the windshield. You are all a bunch of low IQ idiots on this site.

      • Maybe the thought of having to waste everybody’s valuable time of having to work on some idiot that’s near death because he didn’t feel like wearing a seat belt. People like you are the reason why my hospital stay will always be longer than it needs to be. That maybe the thought of having to scrape your body off of the asphalt might be too much to bare. That maybe they would like to keep your accident ‘your’ problem and not everyone else’s.

      • *salena with a syht eating grin*
        Here we are 3 days later and still no signs of life this is what happens when you decide to bring an unlicensed, unregistered, unmanned firearm well, water pistol to a sword fight. How does it feel to know that in your own words, a bubble gum bytch, uneducated, painfully stupid,foaming at the mouth from excessive drug use, woman(organically) was able to demolish your entire argument without even chipping a single fingernail? while smelling like Chanel no.9 and I still had time to put my ’10’kids to bed. roflmao

        I knew you came to me because you thought that I had the biggest mouth . Next time you feel like bringing an unlicensed,unregistered, unmanned firearm well, water pistol into the equation at least come with the ability to aim it correctly. I guess it’s back to shadowboxing for you and guess what, I didn’t even have to resort to petty juvenile name calling to get my point across. ;) “Allahu Akbar!”

        I heard that they’re looking into sending someone to Mars to live. You seem well-suited for the position by the way, liking your own comment is even more pathetic than the beating you attempted to dish out.;)

      • (SMFH)…and you wonder why I mind my manners around you!

        Oh daayaaaam, girl! You mangled that fool worse than how Obie Trice, DMX, and Eminem mangled those lame@ss rappers Benzino and Ja Rule on that diss track (Go to Sleep) from way back in tha day.

        I’m going to call it. Jay Kay’s time of death…1:12 PM July 3rd 2014.


      • U are nuts! lol What is that last bit? Are you babbling incoherently?

      • Yes! I take great pride in my nuts, thank you.
        The last part?..”Running through the streets naked ripping my f#cking skin off and killing homeless people because I’m laughing so f#cking hard”

      • Keeping it real

        Your body is the temple of god, it’s not you’re. It’s just a loan for your spiritual journey on earth. You people say you love god but never follow his word.

      • Go look up ‘Intersex’ :)

    • Ziggy, if R Kelly love his child, doesn’t matter what her choices are, he will love and support her the same…and listening to him I know he will. Being a good parent isn’t easy but love conquer all. Watch for the haters coming out.