Laden – Nah Relax Lyrics

(Verse 1)
This year mi naw relax
Mi want mi props
Lyrics dem a chop like dem carrying aux
Mi seet clear it coming
Mi no waan be knox
Seh mi a go get famous like Bob Marley lox
Roll through in a mi car relax
Gyal si mi and cyaa relax
Dem love mi lord Jesus
3 strike like Addidas
Wi run the place yo wi call the shots
Small trees and all these rocks
Mi style a kill dem call the cops
Mi no reminisce, naw relapse
Upgrade mi lyrics dem like iphone it, all the apps
Clean out yo ears if it having wax
Colony touch the road where the party’s at
And man a baller like mi si some youth mi roll out in a mi ball field sox
From the year start i’ve being listen to all these tracks
But to be honest all is wack

Jerman, mi touch the scene and yo know it’s tuggish thing
Yow wi every clean and wi no dirty rubbish bin
Bwoy if yo theft mi style dem mi collect yo publishing
When mi song dem drop everybody in the club dem listening
True mi a one artist yow mi no play no radio man
Fan listening mi song dem a play in a every radio land
How dem know mi well bad mi style lick dem way beyond
And mi no rhyme easy cause mi no Gage and Baby Cham

Dem never know yo, yow, wi well bad
Dem never know yo, yow, wi well bad
Never know yo, yow, mi well bad
Dem never know, now dem know

Up town done know mi a bad artist
Mi wi load up any venue like grand market
Lyrics dem a hit you harder than a van donkey
Mi well bad this year a some habnam s–t

(Verse 2)
So meck mi tell yo bout mi order
Mi order history
No man pon my corner no have one no lip stick
The colony is on the big ship
And wi have gyal in every other district
Get a cold or a hard Guinness quick
Permission a roll grabber in his spliff
A the gyal dem wi seh some hard trenistrick
Jerman give mi a next beat if you want lyrics spit
Wi well bad, wi well bad
The angel fly up and tell God
A we run the earth wi well bad
Wi style just a beat dem well bad

(Repeat Chorus)