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Macka Diamond Doing Damage Control Over Leaked Photo

Macka Diamond is being rocked by a scandalous photo making the rounds on social media. The photo surfaced online earlier this week and has been causing quite a stir in the dancehall diva’s camp.

A rep for Macka told Urban Islandz that the photo is not what it seems and it was taken from the set of her recent music video shoot for her single “Karma.”

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“The photo is very misleading and was obviously taken from a certain angle,” the rep told us. “Some unscrupulous people who came to the set are obviously trying to damage Macka Diamond image but we won’t let that happen.”

The female dancehall veteran has also sound off on Twitter about the leaked photo, saying she remains unmoved.

Macka Diamond video shoot

“Every time I’m trying to have a peaceful life someone has to p— me off u know what imma pretend like this is not happening,” Macka tweeted.

Macka Diamond shoot the video for the single “Karma” in New York City last weekend. Her rep told us that fans can look out for the finish product later this month.

Macka Diamond new look



  1. No one have a link to the pic?

    • Go look up
      Sexually Explicit Photo Of Veteran Dancehall Artist Macka.
      You would then see a clear picture of her displaying her maternal instinct. 😉

  2. jackie stephenson

    macka want 3 blasted lick with a piece of cow cod

    • Judging from her leaked photo, I think macka wants 300 licks from a blessed man tongue.

      • jackie stephenson

        raaaated pls dont kill me. A man tongue too blessed fi she lawd how low can one go

  3. Macka is a joker yah…is probly she who ‘leaked’ the pic….nutten nah gwaan fi har right now an need fi promote har self again….whatever????????????????

  4. Rajai Di Starbwoii

    pull a stunt fi get some publicity pan di new song

  5. I’ve seen the picture that UI is afraid of posting out of fear of the firestorm it would create. Contrary to what her rep says, it is what it appears to be. Macka Diamond is sending a message to all you puritanical nutbars out there. Pay close attention to it, you might just learn a thing or two.