Popcaan – Ghetto (Tired Of Crying) Lyrics

Which path mi grow
Long rifle a shrub out
Regular people head shell out
And if yo eye no big
Always haffi look out
Yuh no know fi yuh head book out

Which path mi grow
Ghetto, bare mad people mi know
Ghetto, wickeder than action show
Ghetto, mi seh the ghetto dem tired of crying

Hungry days wi know
Ghetto, pon crackers and water wi grow
Ghetto, if a badness wi a pro
Ghetto, mi seh the ghetto dem tired of crying

(Verse 1)
Information no give
People no care who drop out
Fi keep life yo keep yo mouth
Informer dead, get dem eye shot out
Or more time dem tongue cut out
Dre SKull dem place yah no easy
Police dem ever a pree wi
Innocent dead weekly
Believe mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Blood shed, it hurt mi heart
Nuff youth life stop a the early path
Police shoot innocent seh him gun go off
Then later him and the sup a laugh
Ghetto youth cyaa find work every funds cut off
Plus the system a pressure wi nuh bomboclaat
The only way fi survive a fi brake the law
Government tek man fi Santa Clause

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Mi haffi tell dem bout the zink fence and the trench
Baby mother cry fi the expense
No baby father fi give dem no help
Weh dem deh? GP a rub sentence
Power struggle meck every endz move tense
So no man nah own no house nor Benz
A more funeral, more dead body pack up
Everyday a romans wi salary a spend

(Repeat Chorus)