Skinny Fabolous “Like No Tomorrow”

In life we tend to rely on the next day, or the next month to do the things we promise each other, and ourselves, leaving many things undone, and our dreams never realized. In this new record, Skinny Fabulous, Kubiyashi, London Future & new vocalist Leanne Thomas have decided to live like there is no tomorrow at all.

The song begins with Leanne singing in sweet unison on the charming keys of a grand piano, Skinny Fabulous then interjects with his signature “Boom!” signaling the start of his verse. His vocals, perfectly tuned, backed by the grand piano, carry the first verse to the hook where other musical elements are then introduced, building up into a crescendo at the chorus.

In the song, Skinny Fabulous experiences the wonders, value, energies and vivaciousness of LIFE often reflected in carnival and mas as everything unfolds and comes alive. Producers Alex ‘Kubiyashi’ Barnwell + Kurtis “London Future” Wells, aptly conveys this with the theatrical and cinematic production of beats and various strategically timed musical instruments.

What sets the song apart though, is the wealth of soul transmitted in the song, “Like No Tomorrow” goes beyond its role as a soca tune to encourage listeners to adhere to the power of ‘Now’ as Skinny Fabulous sincerely appeals to his listeners to live their life to the fullest every day, Like there’s no tomorrow. Party Like, Drink Like, Live Like, Fete Like, Work Like, Love Like… there’s NO TOMORROW!