Vybrant – Africa Lyrics

A place on earth
My place of birth
A wom ba weh
Wom ba weh
Wom ba weh
Wom ba weh
Wom ba weh
Wom ba weh

If black starliner late
I will take the jet
Jah children lert of trad along
Naw stay a Rome and fret
Seh Africa am coming home
For I am your asset
Am bringing home the stolen gold
Cash and checque reject

(Verse 1)
Hey black man don’t let dem miss lead yo
Just remember the continent need yo
To keep fighting for these people
Like Marcus, Martin and Bogle
Now mi ready fi sing song like Jackie Wilson
Or march like Mandela Nelson
Mi seh Johannesburg take back yo king son
My nation yo cyaa bring down

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)