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Justin Bieber Is Racist New Video Of Him Singing About Killing N—- And Joining KKK

Justin Bieber is a racist and there is a new video that proves it.

Last month the Canadian pop star came under fire after a British tabloid posted a video of him making a distasteful and racist joke.

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Bieber has since issued an apology and his black friends including Soulja Boy has came to his defense over the last couple of days.

But TMZ just posted a new video that is even more damning that the first one. In the new video that shows the word “Proof” in watermark, a much younger Bieber could be seen singing “one less lonely n—–” and also about joining the KKK.

Justin Bieber reportedly told Usher and Will Smith about the videos years ago and says he regretted them.

How do you think Justin Bieber will defend this new video?

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  1. I don’t like and never will i listen to this beaver and his music.

  2. he is reponsible 15 years , that is mothers teaching and babylon , so most of the world learn that blacks does not belong to the earth ,that babylon law. we should say chris was young. blacks will accept wrong and forgive. lets some human speak like that about jewish and we will see.

  3. Lol I would like to see if he is going to apologize for tis one and what his rich black friends are going to say abt tis one .