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DJ Khaled Call For Peace Collabo Between Mavado & Bounty Killer [VIDEO]

DJ Khaled says bury the beef.

The We The Best Music head sat down with Winford Williams of OnStage in his studio in Miami last week.

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Khaled opened up about his thoughts on the Mavado and Bounty Killer feud which has flared up in recent weeks with diss tracks from the dancehall legend.

“Mavado is my friend and I heard things in the street that there is a little vibe going on… But at the end of the day Mavado will tell you I am always going to promote love and promote peace and I am always going to promote positivity because that is what a real friend is going to do,” DJ Khaled said.

“I am not going to fight my brother and I am not going to tell my brother to fight another brother,” Khaled added. “We are grown men and there are kids out there that look up to us.”

DJ Khaled also wrote on Twitter that he is trying to broker a collaboration between Mavado and Bounty Killer.

“Everyone always ask me what’s a collaboration u would love to make happen … I tell the world I would love to make a rec wit @mavadogully @grunggaadzilla ! Jamaica STAND UP! #Alliance #wethebest the people the streets want to see this happen!! I’m going go hard and find away to make it happen !!! Jah know!!!!” Khaled wrote.

Watch the interview below.


  1. This unending amongst Jamaican artists sucks. I wonder what positive message are they bring out to the people

  2. a true khaled a talk. big up all the artist dem weh a put dancehall & Jamaica pon top

  3. WTF Does DJ Khalid have to do with anything?

  4. No one wants to hear Bounty, sounding like he chewing on rock stone. Khaled doing well with Mavado career, dancehall needs bigger names to push it.

  5. Movado a gud yute bounty jus cross more time . Gully side and alliance should be one family .movado a the leader fi the new school .

    • Burn Gaza is here ???????????? tell this idiot on here name Stephen Dick head Higgins shut the hell up . He ain’t talking to some fool . Stephen is not on the page that jerk on where some guy tattoo his face one of Tommy Lee wanna be artist .

      • Stephen Higgins

        Battybowy like you a look a man – a gunshot me give battyman hellow point full metal jacket – chink

  6. Bounty Killer must stop calling out other artist .Bounty needs to stop saying he doesn’t want visa it’s BS JA is hard it’s hurting killer career . I am so sick of Bounty making war with every one . His fans we all need to call him out and let him put a stop into this mess .

    • Finally we agree on something thats some real talk yo

    • bounty a nuh mi artist but him career cant done his foundation already set & every where in this world is hard is how u live ur life Jamaica nuh poor Jamaica is a rich country is the have & the have nots just like every where else life is what u make it

      • I like Bounty and Movado every month Bounty calling out some one come on too much focus on his career .

    • I’m a Bounty Killer fan and you don’t have a dame clue what is happening here

  7. F**k khaled…. him a mek garbage music anyway….stay out of dancehall

  8. goathead bountykilla

    it nah go happen bcuz its death invovle in the fued…n even if it happen dem still ago war after it…

  9. Peace we a promote too much badmind and grudgeful people in Jamaica. Let’s support our brothers and sisters who are working hard to make a living and stop the badmind.

    • Stephen Higgins

      who the f a badmind Mofraudo – This bowy go Killa part with him bad behavior and cause him friends life and a try put the blame on the general – From 2012 this bowy a diss Killa ina song.

      Now Killa ready fi rub him out – these fools bout badmind – unu mad ina unu mind – Even if Killa level it – Jamaica done see say you a pu**y battybowy Mofraudo Gunshot

    • Yardie u are correct . Vegas is another idiot complaining about Ioctane closing sumfest