Iyara – Loyalty Mi Seh Lyrics

Ghetto youth if you no know weh you a come from
That mean you nah go know weh you a go
Grands Pen, mi loyal from the beginning to the end
Kem, kem

Loyalty mi seh, mi nah switch go no weh
Defend our own that mean mi gun wi buss anyweh

Loyalty mi seh, mi no fear nobody
Nuff a dem switch up the thing
But this a wa mi haffi seh

Loyalty mi seh, fi sell out a no our thing
Killer a still mi general
All when the Super Lotto win

Loyalty mi seh, mi hear whole heap a words a fling
Tell dem seh anything a anything

(Verse 1)
Mi sing out like a quire
Fi put mi pot pon fire
Mi never beg dem nothing
If dem seh that dem a lire
Killer a the general
A Iyara the firara
Yo diss head buss like tire
Caw the inch a tek the fire
Read the book a Jeremiah and then yo seh yo prayer
Cause this current and it a shock like 220 wire
Some bwoy no real but this a wa mi haffi tell dem guy yah
Loyal to mi camp mi nah go hand out like no party flyer

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
A wa dem feel like
Tell dem no get bright
Wi a the most independent in a real life
Not even Digicel mi never wait pon fi the free nights
Mi have mi own a credit
So mi no fraid fi seh this
Some bwoy a waist man
The play a hate and watch weh the youths dem hustle
And dem bring wi name go station
But fire fi informer
Mi burn dem wid the lama
All some bwoy a chat dem a drama

(Repeat Chorus)