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Busted.. Rappers With Fake Watches Ousted On Instagram

There is an Instagram account name FakeWatchBusta that is calling out rappers and celebrities who are wearing fake watches.

Among the celebrities experiencing a fallout includes Soulja Boy, Future, Yo Gotti, Sean Kingston, Carmelo Anthony and Cee Lo Green.

The anonymous person behind the the Instagram account recently spoke to Noisey about getting lawsuit threats from watch dealers over his allegations.

Future Fake Watch

“I think the jewelers are taking advantage,” he said. “But if [the rappers] wanted the real deal from, say, Ben Baller it would be twice the price. I don’t think they care about the watch part – it’s the diamonds and sh– that’s important to them. I think it’s more jewelry than watches for most of them.”

Soulja Boy Fake Watch

“I mean Soulja Boy’s watch is a bad Audemars Piguet quartz fake and the battery has run out so it shows the same time in all his pictures,” he also said. “It’s 10:25 all day, every day. It’s pretty funny.”

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