Tommy Lee Sparta – Devil In Disguise Lyrics

Girl when you dance to my music
You make me feel, you make me feel
Like no one in this world can dance like the way you do

Wine yo body, move yo body, shake yo body
Gyal you fi wine yo body, move yo body, shake yo body
gyal you a foe, your a devil in disguise, in disguise

(Verse 1)
You have tick lock, you have toc lock
Trust mi baby mi know you have the lizard lop, lop
Back shot crash yo pu–y like mi drag top
Gyal open up yo bow like a nap stack
Swallow every drip and mi seh don’t left a drop, drop
Everyday yo si mi and yo door just a knock, knock

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
So hey selay sink it
So mi live in here like a room
Nah like baby yo body smooth
Anytime yo man left si mi here
Anytime yo waan care I will be there
Yo no want him back
You love me till yo turn idiot
I know

(Repeat Chorus)

Gyal in a the dance and her spirit a glow
Bend over, bend over, touch yo toe
God alone know wa meck mi love yo so
Gyal you hot
How yo pretty, so mi seh yo pretty bad
You a goodas but tonight you a mi dirty gyal