Justin Bieber Being Investigated For Robbery

Justin Bieber keeps getting himself in more legal trouble.

The Canadian pop star is reportedly under investigation for attempted robbery after a woman filed a police complain with the LAPD.

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The woman told TMZ that she was out Monday night at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park at a miniature golf and a batting cage with her 13-year-old daughter. She said Bieber crew and some other guys got into a fight and the pop star saw she reaching for her cellphone and confronting her.

The woman says Bieber snatched her phone and demanded that she unlock it to see if she had taken any photos. She complied and there was no photos.

She says Justin gave her the phone back and demanded that she unlock it to see if she took photos. She obliged and showed Justin she had taken none. She says she told Justin she and her 13-year-old daughter just wanted to say hi, and Justin screamed, “You’re humiliating yourself in front of your daughter. Why don’t you just get out of here.” Her daughter started crying.

The woman later filed a police report and the LAPD is currently investigating the matter and could file charges.

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