Gaza Slim Performing Ritual With Candles [PHOTO]

This photo of Gaza Slim performing some sort of ritual with candles has sparked some controversy online with some dancehall fans saying she is working obeah for Vybz Kartel.

But reps for the former Portmore Empire deejay just told Urban Islandz that the photo is a still from a new music video for her new gospel song.

Gaza Slim recently released a new gospel single “Have Mercy On Me Lord.”


  1. yuh know how long me eh hear bout obeah, hmm cyah believe people does still do dat.

  2. Free World boss

  3. I wonder if pink represents evil.. Fa king bimbos.

  4. A hot gyal dat

  5. She nuh bad looking enuh
    Mi woulda put it on pan r
    Jah know

  6. No surprise here, practicing witchcraft, lets see how powerful is your obeah after the trial and you a ball out living eye wata… Daddy Devil faith done seal.

    • This doesn’t look like witchcraft to me. I see very positive colored candles.

      • You seem to know a lot about this…

      • Lol to some degree. Let’s just say I’m into the metaphysical. Any religion or practice is as evil as the person doing it.What I meant by saying it didn’t look like Witchcraft. It’s very common for people to associate Witchcraft, Wicca, Pagan etc with negative work. I don’t see anything wrong with being curious about the other side. I don’t really talk about these things to people mainly because I don’t think they would understand. I will tell you this though I haven’t tried to contact any dead relatives yet.LOL

      • You need serious blessings…Sad to see females continue this tradition of witchcraft and obeah.. Only person you need to contact is father God.

      • I never said I practiced Obeah or Witchcraft. I was just stating that I was into the metaphysical with that being said clearly your not very open-minded.I know were not going to agree. lol I have an idea you recommend any book based on your religious belief to me I would then recommend some random book to you. After we both are done reading these books we come back and continue this argument.

      • I have my own book for God, only I alone can write those chapters.. Religion was instrumental into bringing the world out of the Dark Ages and do other good. It had it’s bad, but shape the world we live in today. Too many people discredit it, without understanding the origins and what it had done for the world.

      • I don’t know I’ve seen a lot of religious crazies.

      • You have to do your own research from the origins of it all.

      • Ive been lookin at ur posts. Ur definitely working to tarnish Kartels name and ur doing a horrible job trying to hide it. U might think u have won against him and ur trying to seal his fate but look ur only a man and in the end its all gonna be for nothing and Karma is going to come back at you 1,000 fold.

      • Daddy Devil tarnished his own name, shouldn’t go around killing people. There will always be a war between good and evil like I said before.. it’s clear what side you on.

      • gaza is not in portmore

        That’s because your a dirty slut who know nothing because God not in your sorry life

      • For all we know the use of these candles has no direct symbolism.

      • ???? And just WTF is witchcraft? magic yeah? you people are on here talking about magic? Wizards and warlocks etc????

      • If you really interested in knowing Google ‘Witchcraft ‘ I’m sure you will find conflicting reports. Some say that it’s a religion others say it’s a practice. Some say it’s evil some say it’s neither good nor evil. I don’t want anybody to say that I’m forcing anything down their throat. I’m no expert but I’ve picked up a few books on the subject.

      • Thanks but i am not reading that – i don’t believe in magic or witchcraft. I will say to any witch or warlock – cast whatever spells you wish upon me – will have no effect as i am Gods favorite one : )

      • I can’t say that I belive in heaven or hell. I believe in karma. I don’t feel no way if someone doesn’t feel the same way I do .What kind of magick would I cast on you? a love spell? lol j/k

      • Lol – no I didn’t mean that : )
        That the type of magic i would like to believe in tho.

        I see what you mean Re: Karma….

      • Lol 🙂

      • Energy never leaves the earth, look into that.

      • In what sense? Are you implying that we become something else when we die?

      • I can’t answer that, but it’s science of this planet reusing energy… You will have to parish to find out.

      • So how can we be sure this phenomena exist?

      • We are talking about science here, not about God. You have to study the Earth and actually see that it’s made to contain life force and not release it. I leave it up to you to look it up, some things your precious tarot cards can’t teach you.

      • U funny lol. You always come back to that. (tarot cards etc) But it doesn’t teach me anything it’s mainly a guide.

      • Anything can happen at anytime, don’t get guided into the abyss.

      • I know that is why I choose not to be all about myself. Believe it or not I think about death a lot more than normal people.You know regular playing cards can function as tarot cards right? So you don’t think its right to know the course of events that will happen if you stayed on the same path? What if someone could reveal pertinent information to you that you alone would know?

      • Everything that was meant to happen to me, has so far. I don’t want to know what will happen because life is trial and error. I don’t even think they are accurate too and you are wasting your time. Just live life and let it play out.. Ideally you want to make it a perfect life and avoid the bad, but will all must suffer at some point.

      • I can’t believe that I’m older than you. lol.

    • U ever walk in a church? Theres candles by the statues.. give a donation, light one…. smh… this is for her video… people just overthink everything

      • I was thinking the same thing about the church candles.

      • Im catholic and candles are always everywhere

      • I’m not very religious but I’m spiritual. I used to go to church growing up. I think the use of candles people think is sacred.(church) Let’s say I light a candle in church to get a job. I go home and I light another candle while praying for said job what’s the difference?

      • I know I’m going get lambaste for this but I’m going to say it anyway. Why is there so much emphasis on the physical in church? By physical I’m talking about clothing etc.Isn’t the whole purpose of church going beyond the physical amnd preserving your eternal soul among other things? So who cares what I have on?

      • No idea girl. I just know when I saw this photo is was for her shoot for her new song which is a spiritual song. Candles – light- lord lead the way of light in darkness…. just plain simple candles. These fools commenting she callin on the devil makes me laugh… let she grab the phone to get ahold of him easier lmao

      • I don’t like the song though lol.

      • Really? Lol its nice

      • It’s boring. You know whenever someone makes a Country or Gospel song even when it’s bad it’s good. lol I wonder when she had this spiritual revelation?

      • I saw her interview onstage and he had mentioned she was always a church going person… I guess its an artist thing when they just randomly change up their music

      • I think she should change her name Well at least I would if I went through a rebirth.

      • I read somewhere that the candles send your prayers into the universe.



  8. Working some obeah fi get off the conspiracy charge. Kartel de a jail now yo Gaza Slim stop hi him batty wash. Nasty gaza people dem.