Bugle – Y R U – Daseca – (Anointed Album) Lyrics

Today is the tomorrow that you a read about yesterday
So why are you worry? Why are you?

You don’t need to worry from you can pray
So why are you worry? Why are you?

Give thanks fi life from yo see another day
Why are you worry? Why?

From there is life, there is hope
So their not to be afraid
Why are you worry? Why are you?

(Verse 1)
Today I had 2 boil bananas for lunch
Then I realize no people don’t have a thing that much next to bunch
Complain about the drink
Not at all dem no realized
Nuff people don’t even know the taste a fruit punch
Complain about my Skyline it should have being a Benz
When nuff youth don’t even have a bicycle pon dem endz
Complain about my jewelery, complain about my rings
When nuff youth have a bare foot caw dem cyaa afford a thing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Appreciate what you have and give thanks for it
If you are a niggro don’t pretend to be esponic
Yo cyaa afford a gucci or a prado shoes
Just gwaan tek the morning in a yo Reebok Classic
When you think you a the worst somebody worst than you
You have wants, me have needs
I’ve got more terms than you
And now that done yet
So be, and be yo, be right back
Cause wi a fight back

(Repeat Chorus 3X)