Bounty Killer – Kill & Destroy (Mavado Diss) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Bout a you a the man
Wa kinda a man mussi the informer one
Carry artist name go embassy seh dem no fi get no visa
Yo can galang to married to uncle sam
Pu–y hole, warlord drop the bomb
In a Gully blood mi ready fi wash mi hand
Cry like a bi–h, swim like a fish
Yo seh yo rich but listen this
A killer meck yo hold yo first 20 grand

Fassh hole, mi a the killer weh kill and destroy
Naw tek dis from fish bwoy
Cut off him grill and go in
Then chop off the head pon the bed
Wid Fill and Fixroy

Mi a killer weh kill and destroy
Naw tek dis from wish bwoy
Si mi gun and him a play like a toy
A the lane him a talk bout mackoy

(Verse 2)
Well mi murder ball head and rasta
Plus mi no know weh yo dread or rass fah
Mi crack skull like egg and lobster
When yuh a nam cassava and pasta
Build some a dem, mi wi kill some a dem
Caw mi si seh dem a real imposter
Soft like porridge yo no si dem a fosker
Gi dem war since that dem ask fah
Black suit, black booth
Meck wi link up a step pon dem endz
Wid the glock in a the black car again
Body drop boop like jack fruit
Mi nah stop shoot till the Gylly Side stink up again
Mi a the general mi no beg friend
Mi wi meck yo keep funeral fi yo dead friend
War kick off like manincup again
Bright light link up again

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Dem haffi comply, dem couldn’t come try
Any bwoy come try teeth and tongue fly
Box haffi build unuh gi mi some ply
Rum haffi drink and fish haffi go fry
Skull haffi go crack, marrow gone high
Brain jump out tek wings and fly
Dem know a bay bad people deh amongst high
Him seh step but the bi–h turn shy

(Repeat Chorus)