Darrio – Weh Dat (Parrot) Lyrics

Dem take money from the feds fi sell mi out
Bay radio car deh a mi gate when mi come out
But a good thing seh mi clean like a whistle
Mi thing dem lack, all mi spliff tale missing

Wa that? mi good, good, dawg turn parrot
Mi cyaa believe mi good, good, dawg turn parrot
Him call down a central and norman baracks
A leek information to the cops

Mi cyaa believe wa this?
Mi good, good, ni—- turn snitcher
Well sell mi out all a show dem mi picture
Leek off the clip when mi send fi the nippa
Wa that dem go do fi get richer

(Verse 1)
Mi never think mi would a si this
Bwoy call the sup wid Digicel free minutes
Dem know bout the move long before wi did it
Mi should a know seh him would a snitch it out
Money move wa meck him never normally itch hi out
Him mussa tugs, him never stay so from long time
That’s why mi no put nothing pass mankind
The same brother weh yo grow wid together
Turn a itty, bitty, birdy wid feather

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Bwoy yo should a shame a yo self
You a big disgrace
Before the day done you haffi leave this place
The tugs dem no with yo
The girls dem no with yo
Better yo tek weh before yo missing
Bwoy hi favor like seh you a lose it
How you fi call the special investigation unit
Yo mother should a sow yo two lip
Yo just a chat like a school gyal inna tunit

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro 2X)

(Repeat Chorus)