Bounty Killer – A Who (Mavado Diss) Lyrics

Tell dem fi talk a who teach dem fi bad
Ask dem a who pave the road weh dem a chad
Ask dem a who waan fi confront the Gaad
Unuh send that out now the bloodclaat Gully Gaad

Tell dem fi talk a who teach dem fi reach
Meck dem live dem ghetto dream and tek dem out a the ditch
But wi no know a who teach the bwoy dem fi switch
Bite dem hands yah weh feed yo waan fi trace like a bi–h

(Verse 1)
From 92 mi no trust people
From K dem days mi a buss people
Nuff career mi write and fly people
Kill people anytime, any season
Yo no flowers so the Gaad don’t need yuh
Bout yuh a gangster nobody no believe yuh
Push yo head in a the eagle yo breath go leave yuh

Dem get the Gaad cross like the days of old testament
Godzilla badder than Goliath David cyaa test mi strength
Don’t get too big fi yo shoes
Yo rise gainst the killer yuh wi bloodclaat lose
Mi a send out a warning before a morning
Caw mi no waan corn him fi Maddens balm him
And maggich warm him
Test Alliance yo dead like the bwoy Karmen
Gully Squad a run yo waan get drawn in

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Well Killer bloodclaat bad and them know this
The Warlord fi music mi a go give dem notice
Dem itch up a Miami pon South Beach like tourist
Violate a send threat and know dem running a show risk
Warlord turn on the benelly weh deh paw mi
Bwoy haffi Bolt like the man from Trelawny
No care weh dem waan be, demon or zombie
Cyaa dis mi army, nothing no badder than mi
Nothing weh dem seh and wa dem do a no accident
Pass mi a clock it best yo put up yo clock defense
Don`t get two big fi yo shoes
Yo rise gainst the General yo must haffi lose

(Repeat Chorus)