Was Alkaline Beaten To A Pulp In Mobay ?

Dancehall deejay Alkaline was reportedly beaten to a pulp in Mobay.

Alkaline has been stirring up a lot of controversy since making his dancehall debut a few years back.

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But the shock value deejay has been getting a lot of flagging from fans of the genre for some recent controversial lyrics.

Now Alkaline is making headlines over a rumored brawl in Montego Bay recently that took place after performing at a show. News circulating on social media claims that the deejay disrespected a veteran deejay who performed before him.

He felt the deejay performed over his time and got angry and threatened to leave the show without performing. After the show he was reportedly attacked by a group of men aligned to the veteran deejay and beaten to a pulp.

Urban Islandz reached out to Alkaline reps who denied the reports calling it false.

“The youngest and the baddest is doing well touring and still making hit songs, these rumors are just what they are rumors, no such thing took place, mobay love Alkaline,” the artist rep told us.

Alkaline is gearing up for a big performance at this summer’s Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay.