Deablo – More Money More Gyal Lyrics

Gyal alone wi seh more money and more gyal
More money and more gyal
More money and more gyal
Prefer get a blow job, than fi get a toe tag

Mi seh more money and more gyal
More money and more gyal
More money and more gyal
Mi no waan no toe tag

(Verse 1)
Man a born gyallis as usual
Everyday a new gyal
A no one, a no two gyal
No singular, purl
Gyal weh can full up over Merlgrove and Andrews
Immaculate and Hamptas
But wi no waan no school gyal yeh
Mi rate Beenie But mi still tek weh blue gyal
Bay man a lose gyal
Mi pick, choose, refuse gyal
Mi step, mi fresh to death yeh
That’s crucial
Caw mi a the governor
Tell yo bout the cash weh mi waan, stash weh mi waan
Clothe weh mi zombie in a not regular
Diddy dan a rock the beemer
Mean while a the 2014 new Benz weh fat mi in a
That weh mi waan, mi waan yaw yacht mi in a
Champagne and caffiar mi have fi dinner
Lock berita, no more problem wid the law
Caw mi porefer have mi body full a gold than fi go down in a hole

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Gyallis from mi born so mi mother birth mi
When mi dead gyal a carry mi coffin, gyal a church mi
When the gyal dem si mi dem seh lord of mercy
Baby mother seh mi bitter than a pan a ciruci
If mi get sick mi nurse gyal a nurse mi
If mi drop a jail mi have a gyal attorney
Gyal weh own clothe store a Portmore
Ever clean and si the dan dada dirty

Right now mi eager fi rich, mi dream haffi rich
A no me alone, a mi get the team haffi rich
Tell money seh mi bankbook need a visit
All a mi friend dem a bay visa mi give
Waan full a ice like a in a freezer mi live
One day paw mi family the beas haffi pitch
All a mi gyal dem rich like Nina British
Yeh caw mi prefer have mi body full a gold
Than fi go down in a hole

(Repeat Chorus 3X)


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