Busy Signal – Professionally (Personally Remix) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Personally, professionally
Girls love mi unconditionally
The prettiest girl like a barby dolly
Nah go punch her like Mohammadally
Spin one 3 tell dem basically
Weed legalize so mi blaze the cally
Mi so glad now mi soon get the grammy
And a gyallis a no this a my testimony
Just tour Frans now mi gone Italy
Originally mi set it, lyrically bitterly
When mi step in a the place whole heap a fans waan si mi
Whatsapp, instagram, twitter follow back a mi
Watch out fi this man a bed room bully
And yo know seh the style dem no ordinary
Shi a scrabble fi the words in a mi dictionary
Wine up caw da thing yah exceptionally

Gyal, gwaan wine fi mi baby
Move the waist line fi mi baby
Yo cute and tiny mi baby
The way yo bubble yeh yo driving mi crazy

Gwaan wine fi mi baby
Yo likkel and tiny mi baby
Haffi get yo a no if nor no maybe
Bad ina bed out a road yuh a lady

(Verse 2)
Obviously, mytobiviously
A me alone mash up the works trust mi
Trust mi, mi no move unconsciously
Everyweh mi step a bay hot a gyal a rush mi
Early in a the morning, whenever nature calling
Shi dash it out like chapoling
Top on top a mi shi crawling
Whenever me performing
Mi plumpt up like a former mi forming
Cures her sexy body caw mi charming
Stand up in a this, in a that mi not falling

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)