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Love & Hip-Hop Mimi Faust Trigger Shower Rod Shortage

It’s not only Mimi Faust who is getting a huge buzz from her tape, Home Depot is also benefiting.

According to TMZ, who spoke with employees from major retailers including Home Depot, people have been buying the heavy duty shower rods so that they can create their own Mimi experience.

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A trailer for the upcoming tape was released online earlier this week by vivid and it has been the hottest topic on social media ever since with the hashtag #Mimishowerrod.

Mimi Shower Rods

In the video, Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta stars Mimi Faust and Steve Hirsch shot a scene in the shower where Mimi can be seen pulling up on the shower rod.

Do you plan on getting your Mimi shower rod?


  1. Oh my God yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I don’t like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I hope who ever buy’s those shower rod’s have it installed correctly. Or it’s going to be all Bad.. lol and mimi was with steBeeeeE first so i knew she was a freak!. Now steBeeeeE want’s custody of their child. Boi puhleeeeeEz. U and joseline do the samethang maybe worse ya just never thought about cashing in on it. Meanwhile poor Eva.. but mimi will probley say she needed them coins for her college education. Good one miMi

  4. What kind of shower handle dat… mind woulda broke already

  5. Who de f iz mimi?

  6. i watched it not bad i must sat

  7. Mimi sh– is down right garbage . Mimi came off as miss goody too shoes but I guess she is not . Niko is damn ugly a broke a– Ni–a . She and him will not last long .

  8. Dis the same chick calling Joseline and ho and look at what she did. shameful . i wouldn’t want to be her kid.