Masicka – We Lock Di Streets Lyrics

(Verse 1)
To me the gyal dem easy fi get
Mi a star like Weezie believe mi no vex
When mi tek weh yo girl and leave yo fi fret
Hot straight from mi jeans to mi crep
Mi ice dem cold it a freeze up mi neck
Oh God a fi the cheddar a no cheese mi a meck
Trend setter anyweh a the g’s mi collect
Mi reach fi mi crep in a the streets mi a step
Gyal a seh don’t leave cause mi need yo today
Yo sweet like honey but a no beas mi a catch
Success tell mi seh me is a pest
Caw mi never stop try till mi g’s manifest
Anyway, drink and smoke everyday
Then mi drive go a west weh the greens a the best
Mi no play, hard get out a mi way
Fi mi send yo 6 feat fi go rest

Because a we lock the, we lock the, we lock the streets
Man a hustler, we lock the streets
Man a murder road when idiot a sleep
The tugs dem know wi bad, the gyal dem seh wi sweet

(Verse 2)
Right now mi waan house and car
No sah mi tired a mi foes and war
Tired fi body lydown yo tar
Muet fi a drink like mi own waan bar
Gyal smell the expensive colon from far
Mi no know bout dem, but mi know mi a star
Me waan us and pound so mi tell a gun clown seh
Mi no waan cut nor scar
Mi a hustle hard caw mi need the money
But mi nah tell mi friend that a greedy money
Me to money is like beas to honey
But government a try stop we the money
While some a dem a meck some speedy money
But the hustlers dem a seh free the money
All when mi blind and cyaa si
Mi wi play piano and meck Stevy money

(Repeat Chorus 3X)