Chan Dizzy – Just One A Me Lyrics

Hey from mi seh strange face mi buck mi speed a meter
Mi a mi own a dan mi no need no leader
Yo dis mi turn yo place in a hero dema

Mi talk an a just one a me, just one a me
Could a never waan be a next guy
Could a wah do some wanna bee, some wanna bee
Cyaa go round mi no care how you try
All when a me one a street, yo cyaa calla me
Violate a no cana peat, wi no take sorry or apology
No apology, a could a wah do some wanna be

(Verse 1)
Hey sense it, mi lift mi own a cross am sorry
Mi a no no bwoy replica no carbon copy
Dem know a the concussion thoughts man carry
Pan certain endz mi no spar an tarry
Nuff bwoy si mi an a screw dem face
That a just expression alone
Caw nuff a dem vex true mi no take press
Cyaa program Dizzy mi no cellular phone

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dem know wi alive higher high tension
Dem waan know weh mi get mi mind set from
Nuff artist mi no rate case nuff a dem fake have pay man a write dem song
Out a the mansion Busy a the livest one
No follow man cause mi chad mi own a direction
True mi humble no feel yo can dis
Bwoy mi spar wid a violent gang

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)