Mavado – No Friend Lyrics

Dem put money over everything
So dem sell out fi anything
Dem no loyal to a thing

Mi no waan no friend
Mi no waan no friend
Cause dem sell wi out already
Dem nah get fi dweet again
Tell the Judas and the Peter dem
The Gylly Gaad deh pon the street again
Listen the money voice clearly
A thump true the speaker dem

(Verse 1)
Dutty badmind mi no trust unuh
Unuh wuk too much obiah
Wi buss Ciroc and Hennessy
Watch unuh a buss cream soda
Dem a try hard fi tek weh wi life
But a Jah, Jah, a mi shield
Think mi no know dem envy mi life
True mi cars and mi diamonds rings

So keep yo eyes open no
Watch dem, no meck dem lock up that
Money haffi meck, yo woman haffi hot
Yo youth go a school, food haffi in a pot
The poor life am from am aint going back
Mi still deh pon the gully but the poor crap
Mi waan meck it, few meck it, mi leave and whiled dem seh mi stop
Mi thing no drop the Gully Gaad forever hot

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Fambily mi seh
No bother friend mi true the box a money
Dem know mi ability fi meck a stocks a money
The snow man Sadiki
My money graffiti
Money meck dem hate mi but dem cyaa beat mi
Money meck yo lick yo finger like sweetie
Money man a tek and meck dem gyal yah freaky
But the gully in a mi blood nobody never freak mi
So trust no man

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Repeat Intro 2X)