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Masicka – Frenz List [New Music]

Dancehall star Masicka drop a new single “Frenz List,” off the Frenz List riddim, Produced by Equiknoxx Productions.

Me and mi frienz dem a spar from back in a the days
RIP to the one dem whe drop in a the grave
Dem never deh, deh, when wi trashy and a save
When wi knockk it and a crock it
From yo spot it that a blaze
Now wi roll out and wi happy and a rave
One bag a chat in a wi ears
No waan no man servant the catty a mi slave
No stop yo no fi gaze
The cash it haffi raise
From back in a the days as wi wake
Yow wi frossing on some grades
Fetch mi the Pepsi Appleton a chaise
Real brother dem hi no nobody cyaa replace
No try be mi friend

Listen full track below.

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