Voicemail – Balance Lyrics

Wine mi gyal balance
Wine mi gyal balance
Love when mi gyal balance
Love when mi gyal balance
Hey mi gyal, balance, balance, balance
Pon yuh head gyal, balance, balance, balance

(Verse 1)
Swing yo foot dem wheel dem around
Ride like a bicycle up and down
Wine up yo body paw yo head top
Wine up yo body pon yo head top
Head top Anieke and start do the balance
Pon a car, pon a truck yuh fi balance
Watch her pon the wall shi a walk, shi a walk
Pon her head shi a walk and a balance

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Balance good, balance good
No bother go pon yo head if yuh know yo cyaa balance good
balance good, balance good
Renae 6:30 a gallang good
Ahh pon the car shi a balance
In a the middle a the dance shi a balance
A mussa counter to how shi a balance
Legs apart pon her head shi a balance

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Dem gyal yah do gymnastic
Spanish Town gyal dem balance well fit
When yuh a talk bout balance
Yo talk bout Portmore, Mobay to the ground gyal stick
Yow not to mention the islands
All the Swedish, the Russian, The German
Gyal dem pon the box dem reach
Balance, balance