Munga – Charge Lyrics

(Verse 1)
When hot foot step up inna chuggit a no tug it
Ice and liquor inna bucket
Selector turn up the bass and buck it
Vybz too nice and no body naw bruk it

Mi si gyal a wine an a bubble
And a brace paw mi
Move to the riddim and a wave are
Liquor buss inna mi head like bomb
And mi just hear mi favorite song

So right now mi charge
Right now mi charge
Big tune play so wi a buss dambo rage

Mi cup full a liquor and mi cup it so large
Slap weh the bar mi and mi whole entourage

Right now mi charge
Right now mi charge
Everybody waan know how mi a spend so hard
The permit deh yah
Wi no care bout the sarge
Dragon mi naw go a mi yard

(Verse 2)
High grade buss inna mi head
Mi meditate deep like the ocean
Mi high like the ifle
Took a likkle smell it and a stifle
Floss wi a floss caw wi no come fi idle
Cause when yo si mi cronco start vomit don’t panic
More cranberry, More Henny, More Chronic
Jamaicans drink liquor like tonic
Charge like mister bionic

(Repeat Chorus)