Deep Jahi – Bring Yuh Down Lyrics

Hey mi a tell yo straight youth dem wi bring yo down
Short could a large or minimum
Dem wi gi yo ganja and dem wi gi yo gun
Pin yo down pon the ground and fling yo down

Youth man, dem wi bring yo down
Short, could a large or minimum
Dem wi gi yo ganja, dem wi gi yo gun
From yo pocket the money dem waan chickle down

(Verse 1)
Hey juvenile if yo sight dem curse
Move in a flash like lightening work
Avoid dem search cause dem try exert
Foes fi put yo body under soil wid dirt
True yuh a sport waan stylish shirt
Police bwoy waan si yo drive in hearse
A command yuh fi search and a slide in herbs
In yo pocket watch dem five fingers

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Him friendly yow without a point
A to yo face feds gun mouth a point
And dem wi tell yo dem a give yuh all a point
All a point the gun a prad yo call a joint
A nuff man dem lock down fi a ball a joint
Caw dem waan wi and jail a fall a joint
If a never mi almighty psalms a night
Dem try turn mi over right round deh so a the corner

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Blue suit, red suit, mi no trust none
No mi no born big, wi no just come
Must done accustom to the custom
Babylon dem waan the youths dem shut down
The youths dem shut down
Yo nah hear mi name a road seh mi buss gun
Medz balance from Tivad to Fulcron
Thy will must done

(Repeat Chorus)