Spice Says Nude Photo Is Not Her, Threatens Blogger

There is a nude photo circulating online that some folks say is Spice.

But the dancehall diva just throw ice on the story calling it bogus.

This morning the below photo started circulating on several dancehall websites and on social media.

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One website posted the photo with a side story saying Spice was sitting down on a sex toy. But Spice took to Instagram to shot down the reports and even threatening the blogger.

Urban reached out to a rep for Spice who told us that the photo is not her and they are planning to take action against certain sites for defamation.

“Clearly this photo is not spice and this is defamation and we will be taking action,” the rep told us.

Spice told her fans on Instagram that she her vagina’s needs are met with the real thing and not toys.