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Jah Wayne Sues Tony Rebel Over Lala Bella Riddim

Reggae icon Tony Rebel is being sued by Jah Wayne for unauthorized used of his music.

Jah Wayne, whose real name is Wayne Lattibeaudiere, filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit in the Supreme Court against Rebel and his production company Flame Production Incorporation Limited.

In court docs, Jah Wayne claimed that Tony Rebel breached his copyright when he use his music without giving him credit.

The music composition at the heart of the contention is “Going Home” which Tony Rebel released as “Lala Bella Riddim.”

Tony Rebel released his now classic single “If Jah Is Standing By My Side” on the same beat. Other artists on the riddim includes Everton Blender, Sizzla, Aaron Silk and more.

Jah Wayne says he wrote the composition for the song in 1996. He filed the suit in 1999 but the case is just being brought up in the Jamaican high court.

Yesterday Jah Wayne told the court that he was the composer of the beat, and Tony Rebel caused him financial loss when he broadcast and distributed the rhythm without identifying him as the composer.

Wayne is asking the court to award him any profits Tony Rebel made from the composition and for the court to order the registry to name him as the composer.

If he wins the case he could be awarded millions of dollars.


  1. Yes man he must pay if found guilty

  2. I agree disgusting . If it’s true I hope the judge rule in his favor . Greed star he has a show every year in JA .

  3. If this is true then Tony Rebel is ruthless for doing that.